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11 Analysts Shaping the Discussion at The Internet of Things World

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Even as the industry explodes, many of my friends(aka “mainstream consumers”) still ask me, “What is the Internet of Things?” I typically respond with the witty retort – “What is NOT the Internet of Things?” Interestingly enough, this explanation doesn’t always clear up the confusion.

All jokes aside, IoT is poised to impact nearly every industry on this planet: from the transportation sector, which I covered briefly in my SXSW post, to buying a soda in a vending machine by tapping your phone against it. It’s at once exciting and scary; promising and overwhelming. And at this year’s Internet of Things World (@iotworldnews), leaders from nearly every sector will be discussing how to put it in play. The wide breadth of speakers says it all – from the FBI to Under Armour to Lyft and the NFL – the potential for IoT is felt everywhere.

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Whether you’re lucky enough to attend the show or you’re just following it on social media, we wanted to equip you with some insight on some of the top analysts who are speaking at the event. I am deliberately highlighting analysts over media. Given the IoT’s current stage, it is critical to listen closely to these influencers’ insights on the industry – they understand the complex barriers to entry, the potential use cases and who is best poised to succeed.

1. Mike Wolf, NextMarket Insights, 5,302 Followers (@michaelwolf@NextMarketCo)

2. Matt Hatton, Machina Research, 2,855 Followers (@MattyHatton)

3. Jess Groopman, Harbor Research, 1,923 Followers (@JessGroopman)

4. Andy Castonguay, Machina Research, 262 Followers (@castonga)

5. Barbara Kraus, Parks Associates, 3,418 Followers (@ParksAssociates)

6. Malik Saadi, ABI Research, 402 Followers (@MalikSaadi)

7. Dan Shey, ABI Research, 2,105 Followers (@ABI_Shey)

8. Daryl Schoolar, Ovum, 1,190 Followers (@DHSchoolar)

9. William Ablondi, Strategy Analytics, 3,902 Followers (@SA_Update)

10. Kuba Stolarski, IDC, 551 Followers (@kubasto)

11. Christian Renaud, 451 Research, 2,975 Followers (@xianrenaud)

PAN will be at the event this year speaking with clients and industry thought leaders – let us know at if we can treat you to coffee while you’re there! And keep checking the blog for post-event trends from yours truly…

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