Regardless of size or industry or what product or service is sold, every brand has growth in mind. Growth may not be constant, and when it is happening, it’s not always at the same pace or with the same next step in mind. The PAN Growth Phase Assessment helps determine which pace you’re moving at now, and how strategic integrated marketing and PR capabilities can help you reach your next milestone.

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What is the biggest challenge facing your team?


How much of your marketing and comms work is handled externally?


Which of the following best describes your growth goals for the year?


How robust is your marketing data measurement and analysis?


Which of the following specialist skills are you missing most on your current team?


How often do you reevaluate brand messaging and positioning?


How many channels are you utilizing across your marketing and communications ecosystem?


How recently have you redefined your ICP and buyer personas?


What is the state of your marketing budget?


Are you currently able to tie marketing spend to business growth?

You are in the Momentum Phase.

See what that means for your year ahead

You are in the Accelerator Phase.

See what that means for your year ahead

You are in the Transformation Phase.

See what that means for your year ahead
Momentum Phase

Last year is done. Survival mode is over.

You’re moving past recovery and maintenance and into a new phase of organic growth. Driving increased revenue will require tight alignment between sales and marketing teams to ensure that prospects are engaged at every stage of their journey and that the correct touchpoints are in place to turn them into customers.

In our nearly 30 years of experience, the capabilities below are critical to success at this stage. Specifics are subject to change by company.



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Audit and Assess

Even at the highest level of execution, foundations are essential to continued growth. From foundational audits of your competitive landscape, digital ecosystem and persona alignment to lifecycle and funnel assessments to align intent and journey, auditing is a critical top- and mid-funnel effort.

Messaging & Positioning Development

Own your positioning. As the market moves and competition changes, you’ll need to continue carving out your place and differentiating from legacy players and new upstarts alike with consistent and powerful brand messaging and positioning.



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Strategic Planning

Chart your course. Prepare for what’s ahead and ensure your brand’s marketing and PR roadmap aligns with long-term business goals and positions your brand to respond to the unexpected.

Lead Generation & Pipeline Support

Drive sales, drive leads. Contributing to the bottom line takes creative storytelling, personalized content and a true understanding of what matters most to the engaged customer. We can help you develop a proven strategy to convert your existing pipeline and drive new leads.






Accelerator Phase

You’re ready to expedite brand growth and shift into the next phase of business progress.

Your mind is set on driving brand equity to help with your next round of funding. This will enable your brand to take the next step in your growth journey, whether that’s product and service development, a strategic acquisition, market expansion, or pursuing an unexpected business opportunity. This next round (with heightened expectations) will require airtight messaging and purpose.

In our nearly 30 years of experience, the capabilities below are critical to success at this stage. Specifics are subject to change by company.



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Brand Refresh & Storytelling

With funding comes scrutiny. A brand refresh and consistent brand storytelling will illuminate your brand’s core value props and captivate your target audiences ⁠— driving them to measurable actions.

Build A Robust Media, Analyst & Influencers Relations Program

Make noise. Build better relationships with industry journalists, analysts and influencers to help strategically and effectively spread your organization’s story.

Voice of the Customer

Elevate their voice and your value. In this phase, an effective Voice of the Customer program will combine strategic stories with evidence of adoption and advocacy to make VCs take notice.



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Revaluate & Refine Target Personas and Buyer Journeys

Who, what, when, where, why. Better understanding who your audience is today and all the places you can impact them through their journey is critical to building a more effective sales pipeline.

KPI Tracking & Analyses

Uplevel your tech stack. Prove revenue and ROI with business case justified KPIs and methods for effective multi-department measurement.

Targeted Launch Campaign

Drive new and renewed interest in your refined story and core values through a multi-channel approach that meets audiences where they are.






Transformation Phase

It’s time for your brand to become the next version of itself.

Whether you’re gearing up for initial public offering, a merger, acquisition, or other liquidity event, your brand needs to be prepared to operate, compete, and perform on a bigger stage. That means rock solid plans for a high-visibility or global presence and an effective multitiered communications strategy.

In our nearly 30 years of experience, the capabilities below are critical to success at this stage. Specifics are subject to change by company.



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Expanded Media Footprint

Use your brand’s media footprint as a strategic tool to build advocacy, facilitate engagement and further drive your brand’s goals.

High-Visibility or Global Campaigns

Multi-channel, multi-impact campaigns. When creating and executing global marketing campaigns, you need a partner with a global footprint to fully integrate effectively across your organization, channels, and maximize business leads and reach.

Account-Based Marketing

At this stage, concentrating your marketing efforts on a set of clearly defined target accounts and crafting personalized plans for outreach can deliver a high ROI.



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Thought Leadership Content Marketing Program

Content rules the world, from SEO to valuable resources that build brand advocacy, loyalty, and establish a thought leadership position.

Ongoing Intelligence Gathering & Social Monitoring

The truth is in the data. Social monitoring and intel gathering is at the heart of understanding how markets are shifting, how competition is positioning themselves, and where new opportunities lie.

Multidirectional Advocacy

Authentic storytelling and endorsement across platforms is critical in this phase. Brands should empower advocacy in media, analysts, influencers and employees, while also showcasing a mature and growing voice of the customer.



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