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The Evolution of Healthcare and its Impact on PR Pros

Lauren Winer

Over the past few years, we’ve seen major shifts in the healthcare industry. For example, a growing number of non-traditional healthcare companies are entering and making progress the space – from major tech players like Google and Bose, to retailers like WalMart and Best Buy, with their acquisition of PAN client GreatCallFurthermore, healthcare has also finally started embracing technology in a meaningful way, with AI and predictive analytics changing the way doctors diagnose patients and perform administrative tasks.  

Given that PAN works with organizations across the healthcare spectrum, it’s crucial for us and our client partners to understand these industry changes and how to use them to our advantage.  

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How has this evolution of the healthcare industry impacted our roles as tech and healthcare PR professionals?

  • We can’t solely rely on healthcare reporters or trade publications anymore. With the convergence of healthcare and other industries, reporters from a wide range of beats are beginning to take interest. For instance, retail reporters are keeping a close eye on moves from companies like Amazon, Best Buy and Walgreens as they focus more on healthcare accessibility and offering products to keep customers healthy. Additionally, tech reporters – specifically AI and machine learning – are increasingly exploring how these algorithms are impacting patient care. Expand your horizons beyond your traditional media list, as reporters and publications we may not expect are sure to increase their healthcare coverage.
  • When working in B2B tech, it can be difficult to relate to our stories on a personal level. With healthcare technology, however, it’s often easier to draw a clear line between the advanced technology our clients are developing and its positive impact on patient lives. This offers opportunity for PR professionals to craft stories about technology in a more human way. Take advantage of this when possible – ask clients if their customers have any ‘heart strings’ case studies to share, equating their services to not just improved efficiency and cost savings, but also lives impacted.
  • For those clients that don’t touch healthcare at all, don’t be discouraged. There is opportunity to tap into the news cycle via the corporate story – how they care for their employees. Perhaps they offer on-site fitness classes or mental health days in order to keep their workforce happy and healthy. Leverage unique benefits focused on a workforce’s health to show the company’s mission, establish a lesser-known executive’s thought leadership platform and stand out against competition in Best Places to Work submissions.  

The healthcare industry is changing quickly, with no sign of slowing. With non-traditional players coming onto the scene, PR professionals can take advantage of a wider net of reporters, tell more human stories and highlight unique benefits to tell their corporate story. Ultimately, we’re seeing more opportunity to reach new audiences and bring human compassion to our clients’ brands. 

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