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Emerging Growth Businesses and the Journey Toward an Integrating Marketing Approach

Mark Nardone

Today’s emerging growth businesses suffer from many pressures within their competitive market. From securing funding to hiring the right skill set to execute; but no matter what the challenges are they need to overcome them and continue with their journey from ideation to profitability. One key growth solution for these emerging businesses is to have a strong integrated marketing and PR strategy in place that helps build long-standing brand equity.

Before delving into strategy however there are a few essential elements that you must establish first. Look at the data – it doesn’t lie. Discovering your target audience should always be step one. VCs are drawn to companies that have consumer interest, which is why it is fundamental to drive brand awareness in your ideal market. Start by compiling key insights within your target markets through surveys, interviews, social media channels and/or online research. Next, uncover your key channels of communication and create a clear-cut message that will resonate with your audience. After successfully determining the who (i.e. buyer personas), the what (i.e. messaging) and the where (i.e. targeted channels of communication) you can then tackle the final step of the equation: the how.

According to a recent article in, marketers must rethink strategies and organization, fusing creativity, technology, and data to deliver remarkable experiences at scale, all the time. And, 86 percent of marketers are still saying that they do not integrate their campaigns across all channels. While most still see PR and marketing as siloed efforts, this could not be further from the truth. A consistent message instills trust within your potential customers. Earned, shared, owned and paid strategies should join forces to push your brand from infancy to a leader in your prospective industry.

This eBook provides insight and guidance that will help brands make the right decisions as they build brand awareness and move forward with their overall approach to communication.

Struggling with where to begin or how to capitalize on your company’s momentum, share your emerging growth experiences and let’s continue the conversation @MarkCNardone.


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