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Leveraging Data Strategically: A Q&A with Lauren Hill, PAN VP of Integrated Marketing & Analytics

With more than a decade of experience in leveraging data strategically, Lauren Hill has dedicated her career to creating value for emerging growth and enterprise B2B technology and healthcare companies. Her in-depth expertise across brand and demand has led to thought-provoking campaigns (like this one) that help businesses meet and exceed their goals – with the data to back it up.   She even tracks her own… Read more »

PANpov: How Becoming “Coach Kiah” Changed My Life 

This piece is part of our PANpov series — firsthand stories from employees about personal experiences. Read more. I’ve never been much of a teacher. I have issues with patience, and teaching people things that I already know how to do frustrated me. Well, until I started coaching.   During my childhood, I played all the sports – gymnastics, volleyball, softball, soccer, track, you name it. They were an outlet… Read more »

Why ‘Quiet Quitting’ Isn’t an Option This Juneteenth 

I just recently wrote about the need for DEI to get back on track in PRWeek and suggested using Pride Month as the launch pad. The week the article went live, I had the pleasure of talking with our new Head of DEI, Azizza, about the staggering number of companies that are ‘quiet quitting’ their DEI efforts. She hadn’t read the PRWeek article yet but echoed… Read more »

PR Metrics That Matter: How PR and Marketing Pros Can Get the Most Out of Measurement

More than ever, measurement, reporting, and analysis are key to a successful integrated marketing and public relations (PR) program. However, it’s important that these integrated marketing and PR metrics are presented and interpreted in a way that they can effectively be put to use. At the end of the day, we all think we want more data, but what we really want is good data that… Read more »