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Content Strategy Hub: A Collection of Resources for Today’s Content Marketer

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It’s challenging to maintain the “perfect” content marketing strategy when it seems as though everything around you can flip on a dime. We get it.

Recent events and the need to make stronger emotional connections with your customers than ever before has put added pressure on today’s content marketer. It’s especially difficult when a small team is responsible for everything from content creation to distribution to optimization and measurement.

Where do you start?

We know you’re strapped for time – so we’ve created your one-stop-shop for all things content marketing. The best newsletters to subscribe to, influencers to follow and articles that will guide your strategy – all in one spot.

10 Articles to Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy on Track

How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide | HubSpot

Before you start creating and distributing content, you need to establish who you’re writing for and what your objectives are. Consider these critical questions and follow this 7-step process for how to create an impactful content strategy.

  • Who will be reading your content?
  • What problem will you be solving for your audience(s)?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What content formats will you focus on?
  • What channels will you publish on?
  • How will you manage content creation and publication?

TIP FOR MID & LATE-STAGE MARKETERS: As you look to expand your products or services and enter new verticals, it’s important to revisit these questions. Don’t assume the answers will be the same for every audience.

The simplest and most effective way to organize your content marketing strategy: 5-Step Framework for Executing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Top 10 Tips for Repurposing Evergreen Content | Digital Agency Network

Repurposing content does not mean duplicating – it means taking a story that resonates and parsing it out across different channels, with a new tone, style or format. For example, try polling your audience about a specific topic you recently wrote about, and then use the quotes or data you receive to update or curate the content. Read along for more tips that will provide you with the inspiration to get started.

TIP FOR EARLY-STAGE MARKETERS: If the phrase “small but mighty” resonates, then this is the article for you. Repurposing evergreen content is a smart way to save yourself time and resources that are already running thin.

A Guide to B2B Thought Leadership Content Success | KoMarketing

This article provides a thought leadership content roadmap that explains the different avenues to take according to your brand’s marketing goals. Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to decide what form of content you prefer for your thought leadership. Here are a few sample goals to get started:

  • Increased Share of Voice (SOV)
  • # of Secured Speaking Engagements
  • Increased Referral Traffic

TIP FOR ALL GROWTH STAGES: Thought leadership should be integral to your content and earned media strategies at every stage of growth. Let your executive thought leadership bench (and your goals/expectations) grow with your brand.

Hear what your peers had to say about content marketing priorities: 2020 Content Fitness Report

How to Create a Better Distribution Plan to Get Your Content Seen | Content Marketing Institute

No matter how much time and care you put into building your strategy, outlining your editorial plans and processes, or crafting persuasive, engaging, high-quality copy, your brand’s potential for success often lives or dies by your distribution and promotion choices. CMI shares how to make smart ones.

TIP FOR ALL GROWTH STAGES: Consider spreading your efforts out across paid, earned, shared and owned channels for maximum impact.

5 Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Performance | Marketing Insider Group

This resource helps set and define content marketing metrics based on your brand goals and KPIs. These 5 should get you started:

  • Traffic: Start by tracking unique visitors and pageviews.
  • Conversions: Are your customers going beyond reading your content? Are they downloading your eBooks or white papers? How about signing up for your newsletter? Keep track of your conversion rate.
  • Engagement: Keep a pulse on your time on site, pages per session and bounce rate to really determine the effectiveness of your content.
  • SEO Performance: Google Analytics and Google Search Console will be your best friend here.
  • Authority: A metric that doesn’t directly show the impact of your content but is a measure of brand trust and credibility. This metric is especially important when comparing your brand to your competitors.

eBook: 9 Steps to Creating SEO-Friendly Content | Semrush

Looking for specific steps to boost organic traffic to your website? This checklist offers a 9-step process for creating and optimizing your content based on core SEO principles. Here are the first few to consider:

  • Start with keyword research
  • Determine search intent & identify the right format
  • Create a well-optimized meta title
  • + more!

The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past | HubSpot

Optimizing content isn’t just a goal for new content. Making the most of existing assets is important and this guide explains why and how.

HUBSPOT TAKEAWAY: Identifying which content is a low lead generator is just as important as knowing which is your highest lead generator.

The Simple Guide to Integrated Content Distribution & PR | Zazzle Media

This article emphasizes the importance of integrating content with earned media distribution. Whether that means building a pitch and earning coverage, sharing your ideas on sites like Medium or submitting content to digital platforms like Reddit, your content marketing program won’t be successful without the help of PR!

Learn how to uplevel your content distribution strategies by downloading our latest template.

content distribution strategies for B2B brands


8 Must-Follow Content Marketing Influencers

Macro Influencers

  • Ann Handley | @MarketingProfs| WSJ best-seller and founder of MarketingProfs, 420,000 followers on LI, also has a blog, Twitter, book, and more.
  • Joe Pulizzi | @JoePulizzi | Joe is the founder of CMI, an Amazon best-selling author, and co-producer of a podcast and bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Lilach Bullock | @lilachbullock | Founder of Lilach Bullock, LTD and UK-based content creator for B2B tech companies.
  • Robert Rose | @Robert_Rose | Robert is the founder of The Content Advisory, co-producer of a podcast, and content strategist at the Content Marketing Institute.

“I see a lot of B2B organizations still struggling with this idea. The idea of slowing down and creating higher quality [content].” – Robert Rose, Content Marketing Has Changed for the Better [Video]

Micro Influencers

  • Jay Acunzo | @jayacunzo | Jay has over 15 years in marketing and creative. He tweets almost daily and offers a newsletter with advice, podcasts, and more resources. He’s a lively storyteller and an engaging writer. Sign up for Jay’s newsletter here.
  • Tamsen Webster | @tamadear | Tamsen has over 20 years in the marketing industry as a strategist and TEDx speaker. Sign up for Tamsen’s newsletter here.
  • Melanie Deziel | @mdeziel | Founder and Chief Content Officer of StoryFuel and best-selling author. Trained in journalism and helps marketers think outside the box.
  • Pam Neely | @PamellaNeely | Freelance copy-blogger and content creator.

“Good distribution strategies begin at the content ideation phase. The medium may not completely be the message, but there’s no doubt the message is profoundly shaped by the medium.” – Pam Neely

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Convince & Convert

Each issue is devoted to key trends in the following pillars: Content Marketing, Social Media, Email, Amplification, Word of Mouth, Marketing, Customer Service & Customer Experience Analytics

PAN Communications

Monthly newsletter focuses on knowledge sharing through marketing trends, educational content, B2B tech and healthcare case studies and the latest news from the agency.

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Practical marketing insights, lessons, perspectives and know-how sent to your inbox three times per week.

Content Marketing Institute

8 different subscriptions offered from the latest content news, CMWorld community updates, trainings, online events and more.

Content Marketing Publications to Keep on Your Radar

The Drum

The latest in all things marketing and advertising. Also a sub-section on the website specifically for content marketing, along with other topics.


Contently is a content marketing program that utilizes storytelling and freelance creatives to build content for high-profile brands like Marriott and Dell. The Strategist is their blog that houses everything content marketing related.


The industry’s top experts offer their best advice, research, how-to’s, and insight on SEO and marketing strategies.


Blogs and other resources on social media and marketing strategies covering trends, growth, content and more.

Find these resources helpful, but still need content marketing support? Let’s chat – contact us to hear more about our content marketing services.

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