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Project & Deliverables

Strategy & Planning, PR & Awareness


Supporting two major announcements  

airSlate, a no-code business workflow automation provider competing with major players in eSignature and document management, aims to provide easy-to-use, no-code, end-to-end business automation solutions that empowers individuals and teams across industries to digitize business interactions on their own. 
With the massive global shift to remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the low and no-code business automation market became increasingly crowded and airSlate needed to break through the chatter to compete among the major players in the space, namely DocuSign and their powerful SOV. PAN was tasked with increasing airSlate’s share of voice in the industry and establishing airSlate as a notable brand while positioning the CEO as a trusted media source across all relevant enterprise and SMB verticals, both digitally and traditional. 


pieces of organic coverage in the first quarter of the year




publications for executive thought leadership content opportunities


Breaking through the chatter

Strategic Media Relations 

Starting with a major funding announcement, part one of two, and moving into a steady cadence of partner and product news announcements, PAN worked closely with airSlate’s communications team to seamlessly execute targeted media outreach to top business, financial, tech and vertical publications to highlight the success and growing momentum of airSlate and their suite of solutions. 

Executive Thought Leadership 

To further elevate airSlate’s industry presence, PAN leveraged CEO Borya Shakhnovich’s unique founder story and entrepreneurial experience, in tandem with the ongoing conversation around remote work solutions, to promote a targeted content campaign that positioned Borya as a reputable influencer in this space. 

Rolling Thunder: Funding News 

In preparation for parts 1 and 2 of airSlate’s funding news, PAN lead the charge in press release messaging, identifying key media targets, and developing a phased pitch strategy with heavily vetted embargo contacts to achieve the best quality, and quantity, of news coverage – thus creating a rolling thunder into the upcoming news announcements of the year, and establishing brand awareness in an otherwise crowded space. 


Organic coverage to impact 

As a result of PAN’s efforts and constant monitoring of industry news and media trends, we secured 40 pieces of organic coverage in the first quarter of the year, with over 26B impressions. The team pitched, drafted and secured executive thought leadership content opportunities for Borya across 8 publications, aligning with airSlate’s core topics and pillars—no-code, workflow automation, and future of work. 

Coverage highlights include Venture Beat, Fortune, Reuters, Axios, Business Insider, VMBlog, Security Magazine, and DevOps Digest among others.