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‘Twas the Night Before PANPub

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'Twas the Night Before PANPub

Each December, our teams are hard at work sending last minute pitches and connecting with clients before we close for winter break. But with the challenges that came with 2020, we thought this holiday season could use a little bit more cheer.

At our quarterly staff meeting, our leadership team dressed up and prepared some holiday jingles, we hosted a ‘Best Holiday Sweater’ and ‘Best Holiday Décor’ contest amongst staff, and a member of our content team, Cam Brody, shared a holiday poem titled, “Twas the Night Before PANpub.”

It is our hope that while gatherings may look a bit different this year, that our PAN community continues to find ways to bring joy into this holiday season.

So from our team to yours – Happy Holidays and here’s to a New Year!

‘Twas the Night Before PANPub

By: Cam Brody

‘Twas the night before PANPub, when all through the halls,

Not a creature was stirring, not big, not small;

In O-town, London, New York, Boston and SF,

Dust had gathered on counters long left;

Where once sat rows of beer, liquor and wine,

PANtrys were emptied for a long stretch of time;

This was no ordinary PANPub, you see

As made evident by the lack of Marki;

This occasion so grand, always a scene,

Was not immune to the Year of COVID-19;

In March we relocated to houses, studios and flats,

A seamless transition, IT surely agrees with that;

But March led to April, May and then June

Across the virtual hallway, our culture did resume;

From Finance, BizDev, MARKeting, Digital, e-staff and CR,

Friends came together, from near and far;

Catch ups and calls, meetings and chats,

Perhaps drink in hand, but we were there just like that;

Socially distanced together, never alone,

We were there for each other, by computer or phone;

Thus was our new normal, day after day,

Celebrating what we could, because life finds a way;

Promotions, weddings and babies, to name just a few,

Good god, how much longer? I haven’t a clue;

But now the days grow darker, a new year soon begins,

We face what comes next with much thicker skin;

Forgive me please Elizabeth, I don’t mean to be rash,

But screw 2020, it belongs in the trash;

Twas’ the Night Before PANPub, and in the dim laptop light,

I wish happy holidays to all, and to all a good night.

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