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Top 2017 Predictions from Our Marketing and PR Experts

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As an integrated marketing and PR agency that serves both healthcare and tech clients, we always have our hand on the pulse of what’s coming up next. Not only are we experts on trends and forecasting, we also pay close attention to our own industry and how the relationship between PR and marketing continues to evolve.

So, what’s in store for 2017? We asked the experts at PAN Communications and here are their top predictions:

Integrated Marketing and PR –

“Content strategies will continue to pivot to support influencer marketing. It is the tie that binds earned, owned, shared and paid marketing efforts. Google’s search engine is your number one influencer. If you aren’t visible – if you can’t be found by Google, you’re not able to influence others. To succeed, remember that Google and happy customers are your top influencers. Focus on them and the rest will follow.” – Michele Frost, Vice President, Digital at PAN Communications @MicheleFrost


“I feel this may be the year that CMOs (at all size companies) begin to focus on building advocacy – around employees and customers as the voice of their brand. This will be fueled by GREAT content marketing efforts across all integrated activities. It’s truly time to drop the silos and work as a cohesive team across all functions.” – Mark Nardone, Executive Vice President @MarkCNardone


Technology –

“With California legalizing marijuana, Silicon Valley will smell an opportunity. Look for tech startups built around providing supply and meeting demand for cannabis sprouting up. Larger tech companies like Amazon and Uber will jump in once business models have been honed.”   – Rob Adler, Executive Vice President at PAN Communications @Robadler


“More tech IPOs in 2017! We’ve had two consecutive years with very low IPO numbers while there are several billion-dollar companies that should take that next leap of financial faith and consider the IPO trail. I’m not expecting a big shift in Q1 but by Q2 we should start to see a nice surge.” – Fran Bosecker, Vice President at PAN Communications @fbosecker

Healthcare –

“Right now, given Trump’s victory and the pending change in administration, it is difficult to say with certainty exactly what the future holds for the healthcare industry as things unfold in 2017. And, the impact across segments of the healthcare industry from health IT to pharma to biotech to health centers, hospitals and reimbursement will be varied. However, there are a few themes that I see playing a central role: 1) The Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment (CARE) Act will repeal and replace Obamacare; 2) Reducing costs and improving quality of care will remain paramount with the shift to value-based care serving as the key driver; 3) Telemedicine / telehealth will expand—90% of healthcare executives say they have or are working on a program currently; 4) Attention to rising drug prices will continue to take center stage; and 5) security will become increasingly important to protect patients, providers and payers from cyber-attacks.” – Dan Martin, Vice President at PAN Communications @dmar14

From an influx of marijuana tech companies taking the scene in Silicon Valley to a higher demand for influencer marketing – 2017 will certainly be full of fast paced changes for our industry and our clients industries.

What are your 2017 predictions? Let’s continue the conversation @PANcomm.

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