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RSA Conference 2018: Security Marketer’s Perspective from Deep Instinct

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As our clients head to San Francisco for RSAC 2018, many of them took time to share with PAN what they’re anticipating and prioritizing for the event. Through this series of blog posts for PAN, they glean their observations on trends and how to stand out this year.

PAN connected with Jonathan Kaftzan, VP of Marketing at Deep Instinct, about RSAC 2018:

PAN: What are your thoughts on RSAC 2018? What are you most looking forward to?

Jonathan Kaftzan: Although our team has attended RSAC in the past, this is the first year we’ll be participating in a large scale at the event. We will have a big booth with a variety of activities and lots of team members onsite. For Deep Instinct, this year’s conference is an opportunity to show the security community how we have evolved and progressed. We’ve enhanced our brand story to reflect where we are now – a more mature cybersecurity enterprise, as opposed to an early phase start-up – and we will showcase our latest and greatest deep learning-based solutions, so we look forward to the opportunity to meet with customers, analysts, VCs, and media to discuss our growth and what’s to come.

PAN: If you had to choose the single most important item to prepare for RSAC, what would it be and when would that process begin?
JK: Since RSAC is such a huge conference, with many moving parts, it’s important to land on an overarching story. During the initial planning phase, determine your message and then make sure everything you do related to the conference ties back to this message. This will allow you to tell one cohesive story at the show, whether that be at the booth, through your branding, or the press release(s) you distribute.

PAN: As you know, there are more than 550 exhibitors at RSAC. How will you make your company stand out?

JK: Good question! This is a busy event, and everyone is fighting for exposure. The booth is a key component to standing out. As I mentioned, we are increasing our presence at this year’s show, and one of the ways we are doing this is through our booth. What your booth looks like and what demos you have are wonderful ways to stand out.

Communication beforehand is also key. Given how crowded the event is, it’s imperative that you start generating awareness for your company ahead of the show, as opposed to waiting until the week before the conference kicks off, in order to make an impact.  Get on attendees’ schedules before they arrive as opposed to trying to grab their interest onsite.

PAN: Why is RSA a valuable conference for CMOs to attend? What aspect of the show (sessions, booth talks, etc.) provides the most value for your business?
JK: RSAC has become one of the biggest events in the industry, and you need to be there to be relevant. Between buyers, vendors, media, and analysts, this is really an opportunity for companies to shine and show how and why they are different.

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