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PAN Communications Strengthens Security Practice Focus with Branded Research and New CyberPulse Monitoring Dashboard 

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Cybersecurity PR Agency Expertise

PAN Communications, a leading integrated marketing and PR firm for B2B tech and healthcare brands, today announced a heightened focus on the firm’s security practice with an enhanced user experience that unifies the agency’s ongoing expertise in the cybersecurity market. A newly launched landing page showcases a variety of knowledge sharing resources to better understand and track the cybersecurity trends impacting marketing and communications teams. The revamped section of the PAN site will feature: 

  • A new, analytics-driven research series conducted and authored by PAN security leaders exploring the breaking news cycles for recent major cybersecurity incidents
  • An ongoing collaborative thought leadership series with cybersecurity executive and author Shira Rubinoff 
  • The unveiling of the PAN CyberPulse dashboard, a first-of-its-kind resource for real-time cybersecurity conversation monitoring 

PAN CyberPulse

As the variety and frequency of security incidents increases, brands across industries face a growing need to tell impactful, data-driven stories. They are also tasked with keeping pace with news cycles that often break and move at unprecedented speed. Access to real-time data and trends provides brands with the competitive edge they need to stay ahead in the fast-paced security industry.  

Exclusively offered to PAN clients as part of the firm’s value-added data set, the PAN CyberPulse dashboard reflects PAN’s commitment to arming clients in the security portfolio with the right data and resources they need to support their strategic storytelling narrative and preparedness in a changing cybersecurity landscape. Aggregating security trends, topics, and events with a single, comprehensive view of global security news and updates, CyberPulse delivers unique visibility and value for brands looking to build a smarter thought leadership approach to the overall market conversations. This new resource provides a live view of cybersecurity topics across social and traditional media sources, serving as a valuable first stop to trending data, along with the influencers and sources that are driving the conversations.  

As the variety and frequency of security incidents increases, brands across industries face a growing need to tell impactful, data-driven stories. They are also tasked with keeping pace with news cycles that often break and move at unprecedented speed.

“Part of PAN’s ethos as an agency is to provide comprehensive support and guidance for our clients, and we are committed to backing it up through our latest investment in tools and resources to inform cybersecurity marketing and comms teams,” said Dave Bowker, vice president of cybersecurity at PAN. “While CyberPulse will begin as a resource for our security brands, we are also excited to see how it can be better utilized as a tool to spark engaging narratives. We look forward to putting this resource into action to deliver the intelligence and insights that drive new levels of strategic visibility and thought leadership across this evolving industry.”  

PAN Research Series

To demonstrate the current news cycles for breaking security developments and their impact on communications strategy, PAN will author a series of reports; the first part of the series, “Into The Breach: Breaking Cybersecurity News & The Impact on PR Professionals,” is available now. By examining some of the most influential cybersecurity events that drove the greatest visibility over the last 18 months, this data-driven report surfaces:  

  • Clear patterns for how cybersecurity incidents are covered during their initial breaking coverage periods  
  • The level of cybersecurity vendor visibility and participation in the discussions  
  • The kind of information developed and shared by these organizations to educate their audiences on the incidents 

“If cybersecurity ever was a niche industry, those days are gone,” says cybersecurity executive and author Shira Rubinoff. “Amid a proliferation of digital platforms, remote work, data and privacy regulations and more, cybersecurity touches every industry and sector. No brand is insulated from the need to understand its own threats and protections and must address the ever-present challenge as a cybersecurity company across industries as they try to stay abreast of fast-moving developments on a variety of channels that can impact their business, operations, and reputation.”  

The new security landing page, CyberPulse dashboard and research are the latest in PAN’s ongoing investments in its Security Practice, further building its specialization with enhanced research and data collection, thought leadership, dedicated staff, and a growing portfolio of industry-leading clients. As much as this new work encapsulates the current moment, it also keeps PAN and its clients poised to meet the predictable unpredictability and rapid pace of the security space. 

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