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PAN Communications Brings Integrated Marketing Services to Life with Inbound Content Program for Managed Service Provider TriCore Solutions

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Fueled by the demand for content- and data-driven PR, PAN Communications, an integrated marketing & PR agency servicing tech, healthcare and consumer tech brands, today announced an expanded relationship with one of the firm’s newest clients, TriCore Solutions, the application management experts.

The Greater Boston area-based company, which joined forces with PAN Communications in January 2016, has seen tremendous brand visibility gains in the first half of this year, thanks in part to an inbound marketing and PR program custom-designed by PAN to meet its immediate and long-term business objectives.

“TriCore Solutions has been a dynamic program from the start,” said Nikki Festa, VP, PAN Communications, responsible for overseeing the client account. “We were fortunate to join forces with a brand eager to collaborate with us, in order to impact its business. From inbound and content marketing initiatives to media relations and influencer engagement, we’ve been able to see near-instant results thanks to a strong partnership and integrated approach to telling their company’s story.”

The program was built upon an integrated marketing communications framework, an expertise that PAN has devoted resources to expanding over the last year. The combined inbound marketing and data-driven PR program creates synergies that are rooted in compelling themes and trending topics, shared across different channels for maximum effect. In addition, the Agency ensures all campaigns align to the company’s targeted persona-based approach for high-level engagement.

“Having PAN Communications on our team has advanced our media and marketing strategy to new heights,” said Pete Castello, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing at TriCore Solutions. “Their in-depth understanding of B2B enterprise technology has allowed us to hit the ground running, and their can-do attitude has made a mark on our brand in a visible way over a short amount of time. We’re excited to see what creative ideas and influential outcomes are possible in the future, with our joint team at the helm.”

The company’s share of voice has grown to nearly 50 percent of coverage against its peers in the industry, making a significant jump in 2016. A 15 percent increase was seen from Q1 (34 percent) to Q2 (49 percent) with a 390 percent year-over-year increase for its share of voice. By infusing its media strategy with premium content to fuel both earned and paid media initiatives, the company has been able to tap new channels using native advertising to engage with targeted audiences for both brand awareness and lead generation while also increasing website traffic.

“PAN is building an integrated model for today’s modern enterprises in order to effectively leverage connected content programs,” said Mark Nardone, EVP, PAN Communications. “Our deep understanding of persona-based marketing activities drives the tactics and overall strategy needed to move the needle and impact sales. We show how a brand’s story can seamlessly move across channels, extending into many forms in today’s digital landscape, to meet audiences when and where they’re in search of information.”

To learn more about PAN Communications’ integrated marketing & PR programs, visit our website.

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