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Introducing PAN’s #Mondata: Using Measurement Best Practices to Inform Marketing Technology Adoption and Utilization

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Technology doesn’t make us smarter. Just more efficient. And that’s only if we plan just as hard to use it as we do to turn-it-on.

Development sprints and launch preparation compete with the time required to teach and support end-users. Too often, teams are handed the keys to the car before they have a driver’s license.

That’s why we’re introducing #Mondata, a content series dedicated to teaching marketing leaders how to build a data-driven culture that drives technology adoption. A measurement-first focus identifies primary training use cases aligned to KPIs. It’s the context needed – rules of the road – to navigate and arrive at the desired destination.

When grounded in business goals and measurement, team members at all levels have the contextual stickiness needed to learn and manage your marketing technology stack. It’s a proven path to technology ROI.

At PAN, we use our measurement and analytics practice to both inform technical specification requirements and develop training curriculums. Leading with “Why” vs. “How” builds resilient and self-sufficient teams. Technology adoption and proficiency, therefore, become a direct path to making a difference. This in turn, helps mentors to develop and retain employees.

Published on Mondays, #Mondata authors include PAN clients, employees, vendor partners and a wide-range of industry leaders that have a desire to help others avoid their mistakes. We’re not as flashy as nightly-news investigators nor do we have access to explosives like the Myth Buster duo. However, we are motivated by righting wrongs and squeezing ROI out of your technology investment.

We are officially open for your topic submissions. If you see a gap between utilization, data insights and your technology stack ROI, contact us (see below for the form entry). Early takers earn a #Mondata t-shirt and an intake call with our authors.

Technology will always change our jobs. #Mondata ensures it’s a change for the better.

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