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Does Your New Customer Announcement Still Matter?

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There have been a lot of changes going on in the public relations industry over the last decade. One topic that has been up for debate over the last few years is whether or not press releases are still valuable. And more specifically, is your customer announcement really worth all the trouble it takes to go through in the approval process?

But before going further into why press releases are still valuable, it’s important to note that press releases have changed a lot. A big reason for this change has been due the Internet.  Companies are placing a higher emphasis on online marketing and even more recently the influence of social media and its importance as a marketing tool has given press releases alternative publishing options.

Customer relationships can spread the word across the web and with a customer announcement you can share with the world the great things your company is doing with valued customers and it shows momentum by announcing what a company is doing within their industry.

Here are some benefits that occur when a customer press release is used effectively:

  • Conversation Starter: Your customer announcement makes for a great conversation starter with journalists. It shows that your business is growing and journalists always want to speak with customers who can back a company –not just the company spokesperson.
  • Reaching New Customers: Having a customer press release allows for potential customers to see why current customers chose your businesses products or services, and they can see what impact has been made. Seeing the end result of your product or service will help to encourage new customers to try it out.
  • Increase Your Company’s Credibility: Customer press releases can act as a secondary endorsement. Now not only are you crediting your company, but with a customer statement they are backing your claims as a leader in your industry making you more credible and encouraging new customers to trust your product or service.
  • Creating buzz in a new vertical: If your company has been slow in the media, announcing a new customer can create buzz in a new vertical. For example, if your new customer is a football team you can go after sports publications and be recognized as a viable solution in that new vertical.
  • Boosts Your Search Engine Optimization. In your customer press release you can insert keywords, businesses can now optimize press releases so prospective customers can easily access company information through search engine use. Make sure you are testing your keywords in Google Adwords first to insure maximum results. Including links in your press release can also boost your SEO.

These are just a few of the many benefits that showcase why a customer press release can be so powerful. Learn more on how you can treat every customer relationship like a PR opportunity  and ensure success when working with your customers on PR initiatives.

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