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An Undergraduate PR Internship at PAN Communications

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In August, I started off my fall semester with a public relations internship with PAN Communications. Coming into this internship I knew very little about the PR industry and what it has to offer. As an Advertising and Public Relations student at the University of Central Florida, I learn key concepts for both industries through a variety of classes. Before my internship with PAN, I had always been more interested in the advertising industry. I came into this internship knowing very little about anything pertaining to public relations, but that was one of the main reasons that I wanted to intern for a PR agency like PAN: I wanted to create more of an appreciation for public relations and gain a better knowledge of the industry.

I learned so much working as an intern at PAN. I can honestly say that I learned more at PAN than I did at any other internship that I have had in the past. Throughout the process, I was introduced to a whole new world with the type of clients PAN has and the type of work the company does.

What surprised me the most about the work I did at PAN was that Google ended up becoming my own personal assistant. However, there were plenty of times that I got stuck in a rut that even Google couldn’t help me out. Anytime that happened, I just turned to someone in the office and asked for their help.

For most PR internships, you are normally assigned to one person that supervises you and gives you different assignments to complete, but not at PAN. As an intern at PAN, I was assigned to five different teams and would receive tasks from five different people all working on different accounts. This is one of the things I loved about my experience. I would come in and have something different on my schedule every day. Working on different assignments everyday kept me wanting more. With every new task I received, I was able to learn a new skill while also learning something new about myself.

Another reason I really enjoyed working on five different teams was because it gave me the chance to see how each individual worked. Everyone tends to find a way that works for them which helps them work at their own pace. I like being able to be a part of that because it gives me the opportunity to take something away from how each person does the same job differently.

I also learned that someone always has something for you to work on. You will never find yourself sitting around doing nothing. That is also another reason why my experience was so great — I was never bored. Even if the people on my teams didn’t have much work for me to do, I could branch out and ask people from other teams if they had anything for me to work on, which most of the time they did.

The people that make up PAN Communications really set the bar high for me. As an intern, all you want is to potentially have a job with a great company. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to intern with such as great company. I love how even though PAN has offices spread across the country, everyone worked as a unit. Everyone seemed to be more like family at PAN rather than coworkers, which is what I would have to say was my favorite thing about PAN. Everyone was so welcoming and offered such great insight to a college student who didn’t know much about PR. I can only hope to work for PAN or a company like PAN when I graduate in May. Thank you everyone for everything.

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