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A Decade of Shared Growth: CloudBees and PAN Celebrate 10 Years of Work Together

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Across more than 25 years of business, PAN has had the opportunity to partner with countless brands through important milestones in their growth journeys. Each client experience is unique in its own way, but it’s rare that we have the chance to truly grow alongside a partner. As we celebrate a decade of collaboration with the CloudBees team, we’re reflecting on a few great moments from our work together.

When CloudBees first signed on with PAN in 2012, both companies looked much different than they do today. PAN had just one office location and was still years away from the launch of the NXT Stage program, while CloudBees was running their operation with about 25 employees — a fraction of their current workforce.

But from the very beginning, small teams notwithstanding, a partnership driven by creativity and commitment just clicked.

“I’ve been on the CloudBees team since day one when they were a Series A and I will say it’s been a heck of ride,” says PAN SVP of B2B Tech Gene Carozza. “Their marketing team has always been one of the first to take calculated risks and try new ways to get attention and break through the noise. And our team has always been a +1 to collaborate with. And the adventure continues!”

As the partnership has grown over the years, both teams continue to find creative ways to promote the CloudBees brand. What first started as a media-only program blossomed into a diverse initiative that incorporated award-winning thematic imagery, contests, podcasts, and social media.

10 Years of Partnership

  • 2012: CloudBees debuts the bee costume at the JavaOne developer conference.
  • 2014: Bringing the Jenkins Butler to life through animation and visual assets.
  • 2016: CloudBees launches the DevOps Radio Podcast to cover all things software delivery.
  • DevOps World Themes:
    • 2016: Breaking Builds
    • 2017: Game of Thrones
    • 2018: Westworld
    • 2019: Superheroes!
    • 2020 & 2021: Virtual
    • 2022: DevOps Remix
  • 2021: CloudBees secures unicorn status with $150 million series F funding.

Unicorn status is not the only notoriety the brand has achieved. As CloudBees has continued to grow and thrive, it has earned a storied reputation among PAN employees as well.

“CloudBees is a well-known, well-respected client at PAN — a team I was excited to join last year and experience for myself,” says PAN Senior Account Supervisor LeeAnn Coviello. “The CloudBees team is a true partner with PAN in every sense of the word. From strategic business announcements to major DevOps industry events, and everything in between, we work together to grow and succeed.”

Sydney Mueller, Senior Account Supervisor at PAN, echoes that sentiment.

“CloudBees has historically been a program at PAN where you get to work on all kinds of things,” she says. “From strategic thought leadership campaigns to podcast recordings to supporting a major industry event with creative ideas, and more. This program has kept us on our toes and challenged each of us to grow in the best way over the last decade. It’s been a true partnership.”

Over the last decade, PAN has supported CloudBees as the brand has grown into the best version of itself. But we would be remiss to suggest that the benefits have only worked in one direction. One of the best things about a true partner is the give-and-take of the relationship.

“CloudBees has been hands-down the most creative business partner you could ask for,” says PAN Content Director Mike O’Connell. “Year after year the CloudBees team conveyed the message that anything was possible. They challenged our team to push boundaries with thought leadership themes, images, campaigns and content vehicles. Working together with CloudBees, PAN delivered some of the most memorable work I’ve seen in my two decades with the company.”

You could take our word for it, but you don’t have to. Brianna Taylor, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at CloudBees, shared a bit about her experience with PAN.

“PAN has been an indispensable partner for CloudBees as the company has grown and evolved,” Taylor said. “They have shown incredible flexibility, creativity, and tenacity – always looking out for the next great angle for CloudBees. From securing high-quality media coverage to providing on-the-ground support year after year at DevOps World, PAN has been by our side at every turn. It’s a real partnership in the truest sense of the word.”

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