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5 Can’t Miss Sessions You Should Be Joining at INBOUND 2017

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The networking event that marketers look forward to all year is finally here: INBOUND 2017. This year’s event is gearing up to be spectacular and you don’t want to miss it. Over 19,000 people from 92 countries across the world will be gathering on September 25-28 in Boston’s Seaport District to discuss challenges and upcoming trends in the marketing industry. INBOUND gives marketers the opportunity to sit in on breakout sessions, keynotes from experts and VIP INBOUND Studio sessions.

Ready to learn tips and tricks from the people who’ve been through it all? Some of the biggest names will be at INBOUND this year include Michele Obama, Pixar’s Co-Founder Dr. Ed Catmull and Chef & Restaurateur Mario Batali. With almost 300 breakout sessions to choose from, we’ve highlighted the sessions and concepts that should be top of mind for marketers as we close out 2017.

1. Title: The Science of Storytelling – Beyond the Buzz

Who: Carmen Simon (@areyoumemorable) – cognitive neuroscientist, Memzy

When: Wednesday, September 27, 10:30-11:15 am

Why: It takes vivid insight and the unique skill of storytelling to present an idea that packs enough emotional power to be memorable. Dr. Carmen Simon is focused on changing how the world communicates. Her message is to not just get your story told but to get it remembered. Her book, Impossible to Ignore, has been acclaimed by top-tier publications including, Inc., Forbes and Fast Company. Don’t miss this session as Dr. Simon will be educating the audience on new scientific insight into creating memorable stories.

2. Title: Top 10 Types of Video for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Who: Jeremy Pryor – CEO, Epipheo

When: Tuesday, September 26, 1:00-1:45 pm

Why: Today’s digital disruption is forcing marketers to think about the buyer’s journey through an entirely new lens. Customers are looking for a more interactive approach to their purchasing decisions, and video is the answer. But how do you know what content will be most engaging for your audience? This session will help you pin point what video content should be introduced at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Be sure to check it out for more tips and tricks from Jeremy!

3. Title: Content Hacking: Creating Content that Stands Out and Actually Builds an Audience

Who: Garrett Moon (@garrett_moon) – CEO & Co-Founder, CoSchedule

When: Wednesday, September 27, 11:45-12:30 pm

Why: Increasing website visits, email subscribers and social followers all stems from one important action: producing quality content. If you aren’t constantly updating your channels with content that resonates with your customer and differentiates you from other brands, that’s a missed opportunity. Stop by Garrett’s session to learn how you can create content that generates leads, subscribers and website visitors.

4. Title: How Influencers Help Brands Thrive in the Trust Economy

Who: Pierre-Loic Assayag (@pierreloic) – CEO & Co-Founder, Traakr

When: Wednesday, September 27, 11:45-12:30 pm

Why: Gaining consumer trust is one of the toughest tasks brands face today – but keeping that trust once you’ve earned it is even more difficult. That’s where influencer marketing comes in handy. Influencers act as brand advocates and help your company build your reputation and maintain trust between your customers and products – ultimately leading to increased retention rates and long-term brand loyalty. Pierre-Loic’s session will take a deep dive into how influencer relations can improve your brand’s relationships in no time at all.

5. Title: Keynote – Creating a Creative Culture

Who: Ed Catmull (@edcatmull) – President & Co-Founder, Pixar

When: Thursday, September 28, 9:00-10:00 am

Why: Who better to speak about creativity than the founder of Pixar? Ed will be kicking off the final day of INBOUND with a discussion on how to create and manage creative teams and how to harness your own creativity.

While these five sessions touch upon important industry topics, this list is certainly not exhaustive. No matter the brand and no matter the marketing need INBOUND has something for everyone. For more information about inbound marketing & our takeaways from last year’s event, check out our blog on how to integrate your PR efforts with your inbound marketing strategy.

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