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5 Social Media Best Practices for B2B Tech Brands

Ashley Thon

When it comes time to create the perfect social strategy for your B2B tech brand, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Whether it’s fine tuning the style and tone of the content, developing the right cadence for each channel, or gathering data and measuring the success of your efforts, it’s all important.

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The key to optimizing engagement is taking the time to regularly update your strategy. As more channels emerge, and algorithms on each platform continue to change, your brand must be mindful of how to adjust your social approach. As an agency that handles social for B2B tech and healthcare clients in industries such as security, life sciences, digital health and fintech, you can imagine PAN’s social strategy is constantly shifting depending on the goals of each client.

While that may be the case, some best practices ring true for all businesses. Here are a few we like to keep in mind:

  1. Follow your competitors. Not just to keep a pulse on their network or recent campaigns, but so that you come up as a “suggested follow” when people are viewing their page. Something as simple as a follow can increase your visibility in an instant.
  2. Tap into hashtags, but not just trending ones. Everyone keeps tabs on the “Trends for You” column on the left-hand side of Twitter, but are you also considering the hashtags that have high engagement outside of trends? Get in the habit of incorporating trending hashtags like #DYK (did you know) or #FactFriday and see what works for your business. Your hashtags don’t always need to be news related.
  3. When promoting webinars or events, stick to the two-week rule. These spaces are saturated, so you want to keep your promotion to a focused period of time. In the two weeks leading up to an event, you should be posting six to eight times on Twitter and one to two on LinkedIn. Don’t over promote, and if you need a higher frequency, make sure you’re switching up your images.
  4. Pay attention to the ideal length of posts: its different for every platform. We all knew this, but did you know that Twitter posts with 100 characters or less get 17% more engagements? If you’re looking to maximize your engagements on LinkedIn, this channel has a sweet spot of 16-25 words per post.
  5. Speaking of LinkedIn, watch how frequently you post. As a business, your cadence on LinkedIn should be no more than twice per day. Ideally, stick to once. The way LinkedIn is set up, the platform will begin prioritizing one post over another and cutting back on your potential impressions.

As you look to improve your strategy across channels, consider these five best practices to maximize your brand’s social success.

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