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Home Made: Helping a PropTech Disrupter Stand Out from the Rental Crowd

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Home Made: Helping a PropTech Disrupter Stand Out from the Rental Crowd


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Using Industry Insights to Transform the Property Sector

Tasked with differentiating Home Made within the crowded lettings marketplace, PAN helped to build trust and educate people on how there is a better way to rent and let property through the strategic use of industry insights and market data.

In an environment where competition for share of voice is high and space in property pages is increasingly tight, our stories needed to be highly relevant and newsworthy. We focused on identifying a topical issue affecting landlords, and used research data to support our theories. As a result, we created an ownable viewpoint that cut through the clutter to deliver stand out coverage.
Alice Bravery
Account Director | London, UK
The Challenge

Whilst Home Made offers a unique and innovative solution for landlords, generating cut through in a saturated property market was no easy challenge. We needed to find an angle that would get media attention, resonate with landlords and position Home Made as the solution to an industry-wide problem.

The Solution

Believing that the outdated methods of traditional estate and lettings agencies were resulting in properties often being left empty – with landlords suffering from longer ‘void periods’ (periods of time when a rental property is unoccupied, resulting in lost income) – we set about proving it.

Creative Storytelling

After analysing publically available data sources, we revealed that landlords using traditional estate and letting agencies were experiencing an average void period of 24 days, 14 days longer than Home Made because of the outdated way that they work, resulting in as much as £730m a year of potential lost revenue.

Strategic Media Relations

We highlighted the business impact of this trend to national business and property media, using interviews, news jumping and bi-lines with the Home Made CEO to communicate how there is a better way to let.

Reactive Media Response

Along with a proactive media outreach strategy, the team also looked out for reactive opportunities to put forward our data and comment, jumping on relevant news stories and topical talking points to gain additional share of voice.

The Impact

We secured 28 pieces total pieces of media coverage.

The campaign resulted in 28 pieces of earned coverage, including City AM, The Times, Estates Gazette and Property Week, with an overall OTS of 6.5million.

As a result of our campaign, Home Made earned a 10% increase in SOV around ‘landlords’ when compared to competitors.

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