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By Miles: Bringing the Benefits of InsurTech Innovation to Life for Drivers

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By Miles: Bringing the Benefits of InsurTech Innovation to Life for Drivers




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Helping Drivers to Think Differently

Tasked with demonstrating the value of By Miles over other car insurance providers, we highlighted the benefits through the smart use of industry and driver insights, creating a clear point of difference from the rest of the market and supporting the business’s key product launches.

With a brief to bring to life the benefits of By Miles over traditional car insurance offerings and to encourage switching, we set about helping drivers to understand why their standard policy isn’t working for them through a hard-working strategic media relations campaign.

Alice Bravery
Account Director | London, UK
The Challenge

The car insurance market is crowded, with a host of new providers all competing for limited media space. Our mission was to find consumer-friendly news hooks that would help secure share of voice and encourage switching to the innovative By Miles offering.

The Solution

Our approach was to identify common pain points experienced by drivers, creating ownable talking points and securing national coverage positioning By Miles as an innovative and driver-friendly solution.

Product Launch Support

As a ground-breaking InsurTech company, By Miles was already pioneering in this space through its product announcements. Our PR strategy was designed to make these go further across the year, by highlighting the bigger picture impact of its business innovation and supporting with newsworthy data to generate headlines.

Trend Jacking

Alongside product launches, our team closely monitored relevant news stories and topical trends in order to position By Miles as an industry commentator. This helped secure additional share of voice and to build trust with consumers.

Strategic Media Relations

When By Miles announced the launch of the world’s first ‘Connected Car’ policy for Teslas, which relays information directly from the car to the insurer instead of drivers having to plug in a black box, we gathered business insights to demonstrate the potential savings as well as sparking discussion about the future of insurance.

And when the forward-thinking insurance disruptor revealed a new feature that alerted drivers if they drive into a ULEZ, we made a freedom of information request to Transport for London, to show how much money drivers were spending on unnecessary fines.

The Impact

37 pieces of hard-hitting coverage.

Across the campaign, our news generation strategy delivered an overall OTS of 47m, earning 37 pieces of hard-hitting coverage across top tier titles, including a key message-heavy feature in the Evening Standard along with pieces appearing in The Times, Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Tech Crunch and Which?.

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