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App Annie: State of Mobile Report Furthers Industry Leadership Position

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App Annie: State of Mobile Report Furthers Industry Leadership Position


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A Successful Partnership Drives Exposure for Annual Report

PAN has worked with App Annie since 2018 raising visibility for the company as a provider of mobile data and analytics. A driving force behind that mission is promoting their State of Mobile annual report.

The report contains a wealth of data quantifying consumer behavior such as downloads and time spent, for gaming, social media and dating apps.

The 2020 edition also featured a “Decade in Review” which fueled media excitement around the look back and a glimpse of what’s ahead in the next decade.

The State of Mobile is an exciting report that journalists anticipate, and one they look forward to every year. For PAN, it’s an ‘all hands on deck’ campaign. We partner with the client and ensure we drive results. They do a heavy lift getting it ready for us to promote. This close partnership and its impact on timing made us successful this year. Due to the planning, there was a lot of built up interest in it leading up to its release.
The Challenge

The State of Mobile is a highly anticipated report as it touches on dozens of trends and verticals within apps and mobile. With data being such a crowded market, we developed compelling storylines that matched the data that stands out including consumer spend, screen time, mobile being a driving force behind IPOs and more. The key is having a pulse on what data and storylines will garner media attention.

The Solution
Media Relations

Our goal of working with reporters was to not only offer them this specific report but establish them as a partner to App Annie to amplify their messages and data. Consistently being in contact with reporters, we know what types of data and stories they are looking for and how App Annie can support their reporting.

Thought Leadership

As part of the report development process, PAN partners with App Annie to identify macro-trends to highlight at the beginning of the report. These trends typically fuel broader stories that discuss the impact mobile has on business and consumers. By working together, we establish key trends and themes most impactful to the media landscape. These themes then become the basis and foundation for thought leadership efforts throughout the year.

The Impact

Coverage in Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News.

The 2020 report performed better in its first few weeks than the last report did for the entire year. PAN received the report in advance, allowing us to vet its contents and anticipate reporter needs ahead of time so we were able to hit the ground running when it came out. This shows in the results. We saw coverage in Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News, resulting in 49 pieces of coverage and 13 interviews.

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