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PAN’s CEO Named to PR News’ Top 50 Game-Changers of PR

Phil A. Nardone, Jr., President & CEO of PAN Communications, has been recognized by PR News as one of its “50 Game-Changers of PR.” This recognition honors professionals who have accelerated the expansion and growth of brand communications. They must truly be “jacks of all trades” in this day and age, as they are tasked with not only strategizing on a communication level but truly understanding what it takes to capitalize on all aspects of brand awareness.

Winners were selected by peers in the PR News community, and it was clear that Phil Nardone had made some exceptional strides to showcase his efforts toward the acceleration of the industry. Phil set out a few years ago to offer integrated services within his agency, knowing there was a growing need to fill the gap between traditional PR and social media and inbound and digital marketing. This initiative and creative vision that Phil has brought to the agency is now paying off in dividends, as PAN Communications is one of the fastest growing mid-sized national agencies with offices in Boston, San Francisco, New York City and Orlando.

Not only is Phil making an industry impact within his agency, but he’s using his forward-thinking mentality to educate the next generation of PR practitioners at Syracuse University. Since 2001, Phil has dedicated his time to creating a unique PR curriculum and syllabus to foster creativity among students. Students find themselves prepared for a career in PR after four years with Phil Nardone, and often find themselves working at PAN Communications soon after.

Phil is known by his employees, mentees and students as being a highly driven professional that pushes others to reach their potential, while holding them to high and transparent expectations.

“I’m honored to be recognized by PR News as a trailblazer in the public relations arena,” Nardone said. “After 20 years in the industry, I feel that my leadership and dedication has made an impact, and I’m pleased to have been recognized by my peers for this accomplishment.”

To read more about this recognition, go to Phil’s award profile on PR News here.

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