SAP IoT: Bringing IoT to Life with Trenitalia

Sought to unseat GE as the leading voice in IoT by creating an event that would set the world stage for SAP’s $2B commitment to IoT innovation.


Amplify Reach & Resonance

Together with PAN, SAP partnered with an SAP customer in the transportation sector, Trenitalia, to create a living demonstration of how IoT and sensor technology are at work in the real world. Invites were sent to a balance of traditional media, industry influencers and analysts to carry SAP’s message across the globe.

PAN and SAP IoT arranged a visually and intellectually stimulating event schedule built to prompt social sharing alongside SAP’s major news announcement. The event was co-promoted with hand-selected brand evangelists from the U.S. and abroad to amplify reach and resonance.

SAP IoT case study_stats

Executing an event of this magnitude required strategic thinking and planning from PAN. Integrating with our global PR and influencer team, we were able to secure a high volume of media exposure and engage key influencers while showcasing SAP’s IoT technology in a real-world application. The team understood the goal of the global event and delivered the engagement results we were looking for.

– Jim Dever, Vice President, Audience & Influencers Marketing, SAP

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