Phononic: Introducing the “Store of the Future”

A content campaign was developed to help Phononic enter the F&B conversation positioning the brand as a visionary.

An Integrated Approach.

PAN worked with Phononic to develop a content campaign to help Phononic enter the F&B conversation by capitalizing on grocery transformation. PAN uncovered insights on what the store of the future should look like, positioning the brand as a visionary while capturing the attention of a captive audience of grocery prospects.

Using a named-account strategy, PAN targeted specific brands via LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure Phononic’s thought leadership reached its intended audiences. As social media channels move away from their legacy organic content distribution models, a paid strategy ensured Phononic got in front of target audiences. Our integrated approach tapped into both top and mid-funnel audiences.

Media placements did double duty reaching both high-level business and food and beverage trade audiences, driving brand visibility while cultivating new vertical relationships. Earned media was among the top-performing organic and paid social media content, driving leads from top brands including Whole Foods.

As a result of paid, earned and owned content pointing back to Phononic’s “Store of the Future” report, PAN’s efforts drove over 1.3K views of the content over a two week period. As a new entrant to the F&B space, this integrated effort offered a rich touchpoint with target prospects.

Phononic + PAN Communications case study results

When we kicked off our search for a communications partner late last year, we knew we’d need a creative, edgy team that understood our disruptive approach as a high-growth brand. PAN has delivered from day one, helping our team to tap into both new and existing buyers, while enabling our CEO to tell Phononic’s innovation story seamlessly across earned, owned and paid media channels.
– Loren Shumate, Head of Marketing Communications, Phononic

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