NGINX: Market Expansion Fueled by Series C Funding Success

To drive maximum visibility for NGINX’s Series C funding round, PAN used a global integrated media strategy to highlight the enterprise business and market fit of the company’s expansion.

Global Media Strategy

With a goal to drive maximum visibility for NGINX’s Series C funding round, PAN focused on the company’s move from an open source company to an application delivery platform, highlighting the enterprise business need and market fit.

The global integrated media strategy had a two-pronged approach: offer an exclusive to one top-tier business outlet to cover the broader industry implications of this news; and conduct embargoed outreach, targeting industry trades to create maximum news exposure.

PAN secured an exclusive with Matt Weinberger of Business Insider, who had first right-to-publish the news on June 20th. PAN oversaw the global PR agencies and their local-market media outreach as well, which resulted in 75 pieces of original coverage globally, reaching an audience of 201.9 million readers.

NGINX + PAN Communications case study results

We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the last four years, and our latest funding round was a crucial step in telling our business’ broader story. The PAN team worked with our global agencies to define and execute the right strategy for our announcement. We appreciate their partnership in growing the global NGINX brand through media, analyst and social channels together.
– Jesica Church, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications at NGINX

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