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What’s Your PR Superpower?

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Image by photoshopcreativo used under CC license. 

In Boston, we are blessed with only a few sunny and sizzling summer months. There is truly nothing more magical than watching our city shed its winter coat. Yet, there are some days where it’s just too. wicked. hot. On those sweltering days, you’ll always find me cooling off at the Loews Boston Common Theater enjoying one of the many long-awaited summer blockbusters. 

So, in light of my excitement for Marvel’s Fantastic Four to hit the big screens today, I decided to ask my colleagues: if you could have a superpower to help make your PR life easier, what would it be? The responses I received were pretty PANtastic.


“It would make client meetings and pitching media so much easier. Imagine – you can just pop up at a journalist’s desk when you need to have a conversation! Also, it would make in-person conversations happen a lot more frequently and that would get rid of the confusion that often happens when we rely solely on email or phone calls to communicate.” – Alice Shepherd, Senior Account Executive

Time Manipulation

“My superpower in general would be to freeze time. This also applies to my work at PAN because the world of PR is so fast-paced, I would love to do more. Sometimes I do wish I could press the freeze button to add more hours to my day!” – Jenny Gardynski, Account Supervisor


Image from Pixabay used under CC license.


“The power to speak any language so I can pitch/talk to reporters who don’t speak English!” – Ashley Waters, Senior Account Executive

X-Ray Vision

“I’d have the power of clarify and to cut through BS to get to the root of the problem…and the solution.” –David Saggio, VP PANdigital


“My superpower would be an internal data sense that can process instantly everything about reporters that might be interesting to my clients: the stories they’re planning, sources they’ll need, deadline, times they’d be open to a phone call, etc. Using my superpower, I could point to the computer and — shazzam! — open up a dashboard synthesizing all this information.” – Michael O’Connell, Senior Account Supervisor

Image from Pixabay used under CC license.


“I’d like to have the power to absorb information really fast because there is so much out there for each industry we work with – in PR we can never be too educated.” – Sarah Grucza, Account Executive


“It would be great to have the power to predict the future – to help prevent crises and be more efficient.” – Kate Lavoie-Mayer, Senior Account Executive


“I think one super power might lose its flash after a while, so I think I’d have to go with Power Replication – the world’s my oyster with access to all of PAN’s superpowers!” – Alyssa Tyson, Digital Marketing Specialist 


I’ll end with mine: superhuman speed. I’d be able to successfully cross every item off my to do list, catch up on all global and industry news and hey, even finish a marathon, all by the time people are strolling into the office. Extended lunch break, anyone?

It’s cool to see what superpowers my colleagues picked to facilitate their daily routines. Have one of your own? Share in the comments! And if you enjoyed this read, then you’ll LOVE Alice Shepherd’s post asking our imaginative colleagues: what would we be doing if we weren’t in PR?


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