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What We Can All Learn From Tom Brady's Anger

Katelyn Campbell Alyssa Tyson

As a spoiled New England Patriots fan, I’ve been privy to multiple celebration parades, a new stadium and number 12 as the Quarterback for most of my adulthood. I’m not a die-hard fan and to be honest, when a win happens, I’m thinking of free Dunkin Donuts coffee the next day. However, we can all see that the man behind the most points on my fantasy football team is different this year. This story has been told much better here but it makes for a great analogy and guide in our PR agency world.

Image from Keith Allison used under CC license.

PR isn’t for the faint of heart. Every day is different but they are all exciting, fast-paced, challenging, but importantly, fun. As passionate PR pros, we are known to get angry at times. Watching Brady for the past eight weeks, here are eight ways PR people can use their anger and passion to enhance their own game. 

  • You need to always learn more. Tom Brady is up at 3:30 in the morning studying films according to his wife. What have you done lately to challenge yourself? What worked yesterday won’t necessarily be the way to do it tomorrow. Our industry prides itself on the ability to always be constantly learning
  • In that same notion, never get too comfortable. Tom is considered an older quarterback at age of 38 and has been with the same team since 2000. He’s now at the top of his game with everyone watching. To exceed in our world, make sure you’re push the limits of your role, your own work and even your clients.
  • Ignore the negative. How many haters does Tom Brady have? Probably more than he has fans, but that’s not impacting his performance on the field every Sunday. In our close-knit community, you may not always have fans, but that doesn’t mean you should focus on the negativity. 
  • Build yourself up without tearing others down. Tom could have easily done the morning TV circuit and gone after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Instead he focused on improving his own game. There are ways in this industry to build your own work, establish yourself and generate business without tearing others through the process.
  • Find new ways to reach your clients’ goals as Brady does each and every week with his receivers. As fast as this industry moves, you need to motivate yourself to keep pace and evolve with it. Learn about the latest integrated communications approaches because continuing to do the same type of work isn’t going to challenge you and you’ll be stuck with the same result.
  • The Patriots are undefeated and part of the reason isn’t just Brady, but how his team is working together. The best part of our job is working in teams and driving each other to succeed. 
  • As a leader, much like Brady, there are so many opportunities to challenge your team to be their best self and work with individuals to improve each person’s skills. Strive to be the leader that others want to work with. As my colleagues can attest, Brady’s teammates are also scoring major fantasy football points for them. 
  • Finally, it doesn’t matter who Brady is facing each week. He strives to better himself over the prior week and brings his skill set to a new level. In our own world, don’t let the competition matter. Focus on your goals and what will help you achieve the next level.

It’s okay to be angry at times, but it’s the way you channel that emotion that matters. Just ask Tom and his team.

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