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The 14 Things We Love Most about PR

PAN Communications

Valentine’s Day, also known as the “holiday of love,” is a time when you can reflect on whatever brings you the most happiness in life. That can be anything from your husband, wife, soon-to-be-spouse, children, puppy, or even career. While Valentine’s Day may be one of the most heavily marketed holidays, I think there is more to it than the material gifts given. Yes, the flowers, chocolate and (obviously) the wine are a bonus, but Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the things you love the most.

Image by Denise Carrassco used under CC license.

While finding the perfect job is a little different than finding “the one,” – aren’t both all about happiness? We’ve all heard the saying, “live happier by doing what you love” and after speaking to some of my PAN colleagues, I think we’ve all taken this to heart.

So, without further ado, in honor of February 14, here are the 14 Things PAN Communications love most about PR:

  1. “PR is a business of ideas, and if you are creatively inclined, there is always a way to make your idea work. If it isn’t a fit for one client, it might be for another. If one journalist doesn’t bite on a concept, the next one might! I love PR because there is rarely a bad idea and your great ones can catapult your client to the trendiest company in the market in a snap.” – Shelly Runyon
  2. “PR is like one of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates from CVS – you just never know what you’re going to get. Thank you, Forrest Gump!” – Nikki Festa
  3. “The people that chose to follow a career in this industry!” – Phil Nardone Jr.
  4. “That no two days are alike! And that the lows will never compare to how amazing the highs are.” – Ashley Waters
  5. “Not working on consumer clients… Just kidding! But, if I’m not talking about application development or network infrastructure implementation, I’m… lost.” – Nicholas Porter
  6. “I would say the thing I love most about PR is working with my teammates. We are constantly running at top speed for clients and the ability to lean on each other, brainstorm for creative ideas and share in successes makes it all worthwhile! I’m sure I’m biased – but I have to say we have some of the best people here at PAN!” – Emily Held
  7.  “My colleagues and PAN Pub.” – Cori Kendrick
  8.  “PR gives you the opportunity to learn about industries, technologies, certain market divisions that you’d never know about – if you’re always looking to learn, PR definitely feeds a hungry appetite.” – Alyssa Miron
  9.  “I love how every day is different. Can’t say that one day is ever the same!” – Katelyn Campbell
  10.  “My favorite thing about working in PR is that you get to experience really unique moments, from painting a breast cancer advocate’s house pink and eating chocolate with Roger Federer to driving around in a cat litter-branded garbage truck.” – Erin Healy
  11.  “Making a difference by finding creative ways to connect clients to their audience.” – Tyler Kizner
  12.  “The fun culture at PAN Communications!” – Olivia Beckwith
  13.  “That moment the story runs in your client’s dream publication!” – Megan Kessler
  14.  “I love when you and your team think of a really big, wild idea that just works. Even if the client doesn’t have the resources to execute it right away, big ideas always spur fresh thinking and get everyone energized – it’s the best!”- Karen DeVincent


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