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Resolutions of a PR Pro

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Image from Flare used under CC license.

As we near the end of the year, every PR professional knows its resolutions time. This is a time when the vast majority of media, throughout many verticals, publish pieces about what executives and companies reflect on what happened in the previous year and look forward at what they think will happen in the coming year. As we diligently work to gather thoughtful pieces from our clients and offer them to top relevant media in the industry, our team here at PAN is taking time to reflect on 2015.

Here are a few “super serious” resolutions that we’d all like to achieve in the new year, and we hope the industry follows along!

Becca Gatesman, Account Executive

  • I will stop ending calls with friends, family and my husband with “Thanks for your time, have a great rest of your day!” 
  • I will listen to my friends explain their side projects and hobbies without bringing up which journalist would find it fascinating

Kyle Tildsley, Account Supervisor

  • I will stop checking my work email before my alarm clock goes off in the morning. It’s no way to start the day. 

Lisa Sorrentino, Senior Account Executive

  • I will try to taper my “PR speak” with friends and family – such as, “I’ll follow up on that, but will prioritize this” and “can we touch base real quick?”
  • I will have normal conversations with people about their professional lives and try not to bust out with “who does your PR?”

Ashley Waters, Senior Account Executive

  • I will try to stop checking my email while at the gym. Multi-tasking only goes so far…and if I fall off the treadmill again I’ll be too embarrassed to return! 

Katelyn Campbell, Account Supervisor

  • I will stop letting Apple autocorrect my team request to have “touchables” when I mean touch bases! 
  • I will ease off on using acronyms for everything (TB, Bmats/Bdocs, DB, PR, NB)

Chris DeLisi, Assistant Account Executive

  • I will learn the complex language of “PR speak” to understand what the heck anyone is saying!

Mike O’Connell, Senior Account Supervisor

  • I will try to stop mixing up acronyms from tech (IoT, LAN, PaaS) and sports (TKO, QBR, WHIP).
  • I will try to read every top-tier tech magazine’s print edition before they turn digital… oops, too late.

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