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Rapid Response: A Weapon in Your #JPM18 Media Arsenal

Danielle Kirsch

Last week we talked about how your brand can get the most out of this week’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPM), one of the biggest events for the healthcare, biotechnology and life sciences industries. With the event in full swing and reporters’ schedules packed to the brim, a rapid-response approach is one of the best strategies you can deploy to help ensure your organization makes it into conference coverage.

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In this case, a rapid response – or trend jacking – media strategy involves closely monitoring news coming out of the show and offering business press and trade reporters written comments from your executives as soon as possible after relevant stories break. While reaching out to onsite reporters to offer commentary is smart, don’t forget those who may be covering the conference remotely.

With more than 400 presenters, it’s difficult to pinpoint what the biggest topics will be, but a few of the top areas being widely discussed at the event include:

  • Drug Pricing: It’s been a hot topic at JPM in the past and the discussion is ever present. We expect pricing challenges to be highlighted not only in presentations during the show, but also in concurrent media events, panels, and more.
  • Cell & Gene Therapy: This area continues to gain traction, with the approvals of CAR-T products Kymriah and Yescarta. The recent introduction of Luxturna also represents a big step forward for gene therapy. To the drug pricing point above, Luxturna manufacturer Spark Therapeutics has stated it will not announce the price until this month; however, it’s being speculated that the cost may be as high as $1M. Novartis has also stated that a one-time treatment for Kymriah, to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia, will cost $475K.
  • M&As: JPM is a key venue to announce deals, as well as for academic and industry players to reveal collaborations (think of all the conversation last year around the Cancer Moonshot).
  • Immuno-Oncology: A recent study by the New York-based Cancer Research Institute found there are more than 2,000 immuno-oncology treatments in development. With the success of these treatments changing the cancer standard of care, there has been talk about whether there will be enough patients to fill all of the ongoing clinical trials in this area.

To have the greatest likelihood of success with this approach, notify critical executives or subject-matter experts about your strategy and that you may call on them to provide rapid response perspectives and commentary, particularly as topics at the forefront of the conference conversation align with and complement your brand narrative and core business objectives. Reach out to PAN’s healthcare team for more on how your company can make its mark during the biggest industry events and conferences this year.

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