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PRSA International: Coming in Dead Last

Michele Frost

It can be hard to shush the critic in my head.

As a writer, I constantly edit when reading.

As a photographer, I critique technical competence when viewing images.

And yesterday, my #PRdata evangelist self was worked up. The “Data and Measurement” track was No. 6 out of six tracks at the annual PRSA International event. That’s dead last. To make things worse, track 5 was “Tools and Techniques.”

Tools don’t make us smarter; just more efficient. Data makes us smarter.

There is nothing more important in the PR industry right now than embracing data measurement and analytics. Nothing.

A Bizable (@bizible) commissioned research study conducted by Senior Analyst Allison Snow (@allisonsnow)‏, a member of Forrester Research’s B2B marketing team, states: 82 percent of CMOs have goals that align with revenue targets. Which means PR practitioners have revenue targets.

Statistically valid PR revenue attribution data is possible to secure. Possessing this data shifts the PR budget from corporate expense to revenue-based investment.

At next year’s PRSA event, let’s be bold (it’s in Texas after all) and insist that “Data and Measurement” should be track the No.1. What’s more, all 2018 tracks should include basic and advanced reporting and analytics guidance.

Otherwise, we’ll all come in dead last.

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