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Perfect Time to Assess Your Mid-Year PR and Marketing Programs

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midFeeling confident about meeting your goals?

The biggest flaw we have seen over the last few years when building a marketing plan is to set the goals and only revisit once or twice a year. As we are all too familiar with, our markets and awareness opportunities change too often. The most important aspects of planning integrated marketing and PR campaigns can be easily lost if you don’t take the time to strengthen your approach. We learned from our annual Content Fitness Report that 57 percent of marketers are not integrating the execution, distribution and optimization of their content across campaigns and brand goals. We also found that 28 percent of participants are feeling a pain point when it comes to staffing candidates with qualified integrated skills.

These concerns will continue to linger in the minds of marketers if they are not addressed. Twice a year, PAN Communications tries to help you assess your integrated marketing and PR journey. By answering pertinent questions you’ll better understand where your strengths lie, where you fall short and how to realign your program to end the year on a high.

Integrated marketing and PR is redefining the practice of communications. However, if you aren’t taking the right execution approach, then you won’t be maximizing your ROI on content, awareness and engagement with your audience. Finding the right balance between PR, social media, digital and content marketing and analytics is no easy feat. That’s why it’s essential to evaluate skills, campaigns, approaches and mid-year performance before spending your marketing budget on the wrong activities.

Take the first step by clicking the link below and let’s continue the dialogue @markcnardone.

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