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PAN Employee Spotlight: San Francisco’s Senior Account Supervisor, Elizabeth Somerville

Katelyn Campbell

1. Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN

I was in the process of moving from San Francisco to Boston a little over two years ago and knew someone who knew someone at PAN. We immediately clicked, and I could tell from our first coffee that PAN was unlike any agency I had experienced. I was drawn to the collaboration, encouragement of entrepreneurism and the grit.

2. What’s your favorite part of the PAN West office or culture?

Similar to the startups that surround us, PAN West is building our presence in San Francisco and each person in our office is instrumental in our growth. We all contribute in a variety of ways, from attending networking events, participating in local PANcares volunteer work or supporting new business. It’s great to see that everyone makes an impact on our company and our office at every level. 

3. As a Senior Account Supervisor, what’s a typical day in the life look like?

My role has evolved and diversified quite a bit in the last few years. In addition to account management and strategy for my clients, I’m also regularly involved with new business, staff trainings, career coaching and mentoring, and growing the SF office. I enjoy taking on new challenges and continuing to grow in my career. I’ve discovered that one of the most rewarding parts of my job is coaching staff and helping them to succeed in their careers.

4. What is the most exciting thing about living in Silicon Valley and working in tech PR?

Before living on the East Coast for a year, I took for granted growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley and driving by major corporations on the way to the grocery store or to gymnastics practices. It wasn’t until after I graduated from college and moved back home that my eyes were opened to the tech world around me. I love that I hear interesting stories from engineers or friends starting new companies anywhere from a friend’s birthday dinner to happy hours. It makes me smarter and the deep tech PR work that I do day-to-day much more relatable when I can reference those after work conversations during conversations with my clients (which happens very often). 

5. What drives you as a PR professional? Who do you look to for inspiration?   

Growth – of my clients, my colleagues and myself. There’s nothing better than knowing that my team and I have made a positive impact on our clients’ business. The most rewarding successes are often the most challenging. I love pushing myself to dig deep, look at every potential side of the story and work with my team to tell it effectively across channels. I’m inspired by my colleagues, past and present. LinkedIn has been a great resource for me to keep a pulse on the PR industry by reading about the campaigns and coverage my colleagues secured.

6. How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

PAN gave me an incredible opportunity to start with the company in our headquarters in Boston and live out a dream I had of living in that historic and vibrant city for a year, and then transferring back to my home of San Francisco when our new SF office opened. I’m grateful for both the support and independence I’m afforded at the company, and I enjoy my diverse group of clients across industries and disciplines. I’m challenged daily to learn new skills and industries – I love it!

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