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PAN Employee Spotlight: San Francisco’s Senior Account Executive, Lauren Winer

Katelyn Campbell

1. Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN. If new, what attracted you to PAN West?

I’ve been with PAN for more than three years, joining via Vantage PR, which was acquired by PAN in 2015. After two years in Boston, I decided I was up for a change and moved across the country, landing me in PAN West. PAN was super supportive of this decision, from my West Coast teammates helping me find an apartment to the warm welcome I received once making the move.

2. What’s your favorite part of the PAN West office or culture?

I loved the culture of PAN West because, while we’re growing, we’re still small enough to have close relationships with each other both on an individual and group level. It’s easy to join in office conversations and bond over common interests (mainly “The Zodiac,” “The Bachelor” and “Black Mirror”), and it’s equally as easy to form close friendships.

Another perk to the PAN West culture is how open we all are to forming those close friendships. Many of us are transplants, as much of San Francisco is, and moving to a new city can be hard. We’re on the same page about wanting to make friendships with our coworkers, and not shy about pursuing them! The PAN office was a rock for me when I first moved out here and has maintained that role over the past year and a half.

3. What is a typical day at PAN West like?

As a Senior Account Executive in the PAN West office, I typically spend the first half of my day on client calls or focused on media relations  – pitching reporters, coming up with new story ideas, scanning the news for trends to jump on, working with my teammates on media strategy, and if all goes well, joining media interviews with my clients.

In the afternoon, when East Coast coworkers have signed off, my day shifts to my bigger projects, whether drafting content, brainstorming pitch themes for the next day, developing PR plans, or building quarterly PANoptics.

4. What is the most exciting thing about living in Silicon Valley and working in tech PR?

Working in tech PR in San Francisco is a whole different beast than in Boston. Being in SF, I feel much more a part of the tech PR scene, instead of emailing in from a distance. You run into reporters, clients and potential clients all the time. I once got invited to a happy hour, and spent my evening talking with reporters from Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. I’ve even run into a client at Trader Joe’s!

5. What drives you as a PR professional? Who do you look to for inspiration?   

As a PR professional, being a part of a team drives me to do my best work. Knocking a launch out of the park or putting the finishing touches on a kick-ass PANoptic are some of my favorite moments.

For example, I recently traveled back to Boston for an in-person meeting with my client Coverys and its other consulting agencies. The meeting was coming off a strong quarter, after meeting our media and social goals.

Humble brag: Our client was excited to present our work to her team and raved about the progress we made over the past year. I walked away from that meeting feeling proud to be a part of that team, and motivated to continue such great work.

The feeling of success that comes from every teammate giving it their all is so much greater than scoring a hit by yourself, especially in an agency where everyone is passionate about PR.

6. How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

PAN has supported my growth as a PR professional by listening to my preferences and providing me with new opportunities to reach my goals. Since PAN is such a people-focused organization, I’ve felt comfortable enough to ask my account supervisors for certain projects and roles, while also expressing concerns that I may not be best suited for a role or industry. More so, as I approached the SAE level, my managers and VPs worked closely to provide me the opportunities to get there.

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