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PAN Employee Spotlight: San Francisco’s Assistant Account Executive, Taylor Donatell

Katelyn Campbell

1. Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN.

I connected with PAN when I was a student at the University of San Francisco. A PAN employee came to a communications department career night event at my school and participated in a panel discussion where she talked about how much she loved her company and coworkers. I reached out to her after the career night and we met for coffee and discussed PAN, PR, marketing and professional growth at length. She originally sparked my interest in the company and eventually motivated me to pursue an internship here.

2. If new, what attracted you to PAN SF?

Upon getting hired as an intern, I was drawn to the people at the company. I had met and interviewed with numerous PAN employees that I not only respected professionally, but also trusted their judgement outside the parameters of work. They were interesting, intelligent, fun people who shared similar interests with me. I believe that people who I admire and trust on a personal level are likely going to work for a company that reflects those same interests and qualities. After being hired on as an assistant account executive, and now a little more than a year under my belt as a PAN employee, I’ve found that I was right – quality people reflect a quality company. Every day I’m reengaged with PAN because its employees attract high-quality clients, projects and prospective employees.

3. What’s your favorite part of the PAN SF office or culture?

Similar to the idea that quality people reflect a quality company, my favorite thing about the office is the people I get to work closely with. My teams – both in person and cross office – challenge, teach and motivate me to be more thoughtful and caring with everything I produce. Whether it’s client work, planning an office event (affectionately dubbed “PANpub”) or bettering myself outside of work (i.e. fitness, reading a new book, or attending a networking event), I have the support and encouragement of my coworkers.

4. What is a typical day at PAN SF like?

A typical day in the San Francisco office consists of correspondences with the East Coast offices and cross-office teammates, collaboration with in-office teammates, account support and a focus on balance. As an office, we go on midday walks to the Ferry Building, have company-wide trainings on topics that are important to us, and frequent office outings around the city.

5. What is the most exciting thing about living in San Francisco and working in tech PR?

The technology and business hubs of San Francisco and Silicon Valley have allowed me and my teammates to attend numerous networking and professional improvement events, as well as visit our clients in person. The proximity to so many clients and events has allowed me to engage with my accounts and teams on a deeper level.

6. What drives you as a PR professional? Who do you look to for inspiration?    

The motivation to improve the quality of my work motivates me to come in and perform at my highest level every day. I am inspired by my teammates and the executive management team at PAN that have encouraged my professional growth and make me feel like an important part of the collective team.

7. How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

PAN hired me on as an intern while I was still in school and allowed me to apply my curriculum to my everyday work. More importantly, my time at PAN has enabled me to cultivate and nurture new PR skills learned on the job. PAN has helped me grow personally and professionally by bringing a variety of people into my life who I learn from, collaborate with, and build lasting friendships with outside of the office environment.

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