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PAN Employee Spotlight: Orlando's Account Supervisor, Sean Welch

Kellie Woods

Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN

Although most of my family is in New York, I grew up in Orlando and attended the University of Central Florida (UCF), where I majored in marketing. During my time there, I landed a school internship with PAN Communications. At that time, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what public relations fully entailed – as it’s not a subject that’s touched upon a lot in the School of Business at UCF – and I was curious to learn more.

Once I started at PAN, I immediately loved the office vibe, the people I worked with, the overall company culture, the challenge of PR, and the chance to learn about different technology sectors. At the time, my portfolio mostly focused on green technology accounts, however, it has since expanded to include manufacturing, 3D technology, IoT and more.

What’s your favorite part of the PAN SE office or culture?

I’m part of the PAN events team in our office which allows me to help plan opportunities for me and my colleagues to hang out outside of the office. Lucky for us, a new brewery, the Orange County Brewery, opened downstairs in our building so we often go downstairs and grab a beer as a group for PANpub.

It’s also always fun when we have visitors from other offices as they usually want to visit the local attractions like TopGolf, Disney or Universal. Connecting with people from out of town is always a great excuse to play tourist and hit the theme parks in The City Beautiful.  

What is a typical day at PAN SE like?

Most of my clients are international, or have international teams, so my morning is usually first spent getting up-to-speed on the updates that come in overnight. From here, I’m able to plan my day and connect with my team members on the tasks and goals for the day. At the same time, I make sure that the team is tracking toward our clients’ quarterly metrics.

An aspect of my job that I really enjoy is being able to mentor my teammates to help them develop new skills, reach their professional goals, and overall, further their careers. Whether it is a brainstorm to develop a new pitch angle or specific guidance on the strategy behind a written piece of content, being able to work one-on-one with my colleagues and watching them learn and grow is one of the most exciting parts of my job.

What is the most exciting thing about living in Orlando and working in tech PR?

Personally, I like the diversity of the things you’re able to do in Orlando; whether that’s day-tripping to the beaches or taking advantage of the Universal annual pass to get some butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From a professional standpoint, it’s been amazing to watch Orlando grow as a city.

Although Orlando might not be viewed as a traditional tech market, it has a rapidly growing tech scene, especially within the healthcare and hospitably sectors. Working out of the Orlando office allows you to be in an up-and-coming market, with all the opportunities of a big city firm – as well as the frequent visits to our New York, Boston and San Francisco offices. Another added benefit of Orlando is the Orange County Convention Center – the second largest in the nation. Given its size, it has become the home to some of the largest shows and events across a variety of industries, and, as a result, we get to regularly connect with our clients as they come through town.

What drives you as a PR professional?

I enjoy learning the intricacies of how my clients approach a market and how their technologies or solutions work to solve specific problems. Then, I relish taking on the next challenge of relating their approach back to trending stories. Similarly, I like to learn about the personal stories of company executives to find a strong leadership, visionary or lessons-learned story – finding the untold story behind the business.

Another thing that’s interesting is being able to take an analytical approach to public relations. At PAN, we’re able to show real results using a mix of tools, including TrendKite, Google Analytics, Netbase and more. It shows a real-time view into how our efforts are impacting share of voice, web traffic and our client’s overall business objectives.

How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

PAN really empowers its employees by letting them take on the tasks that interest them and creating opportunities for them to learn new skills. Whether learning is through digital, creative or social media training, there’s always an opportunity to absorb something new if you seek it out.


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