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PAN Employee Spotlight: New York’s Senior Account Executive, Kathy Dalley

Katelyn Campbell

Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN

I’ve been working tech PR since 2014 and had been working in the enterprise tech scene in NYC for a little over three years. Earlier in my career, I had been primarily working with big brands and wanted to try my hand at working with startups. One of the great things about PAN is that there is a solid mix of big brands and startups that you have the opportunity to work with.

What’s your favorite part of the PAN NYC office or culture?

As the newest office in the PAN family, we currently work out of a WeWork in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. We are surrounded by other startups, which offers excellent networking opportunities and lots of dogs. The PANhattan team is very close-knit, and since we are a smaller office we’ve had the chance to really get to know each other, which makes working together more natural and a lot more fun!

What is a typical day at PAN NYC like?

Every day in PR is different. One of the great things about PAN is getting to work on cross-office teams and being able to benefit from the time change between the coasts. When my day is wrapping up on the east coast, I can pass along current projects to PAN West, and they can share things back that I can finish before their day even starts.

Working as a Senior Account Executive, my primary role across my accounts is managing media relations campaigns. I always start my day on the subway reading morning newsletters – Axios Login and The New York Times Morning Briefing are my favorites. When I get into the office, I’m able to scan the news for my clients and see if there is any breaking news we can leverage for thought leadership commentary and trend-jacking opportunities. There’s something thrilling about taking the mornings’ headlines and turning it into news for our clients.

What is the most exciting thing about living in New York City and working in tech PR?

The access to media makes working in tech PR in NYC so much fun. While PAN West has proximity to tech media, we are lucky to be close to tech and business media here in NYC. This also enables us to set up more in-person meetings with clients and media, which helps executives and reporters build a stronger relationship faster.

There are also a ton of networking and tech events that we’re able to attend on any given day of the week. Over the past year, we’ve been able to see some fantastic speakers that have participated in Cornell Tech @ Bloomberg series.

What drives you as a PR professional?

Being able to tell compelling stories. From media campaigns to content development, helping clients develop their voice and share their thoughts and vision, I’ve always found this to be the most rewarding. One of the great things about tech PR is that you’re tasked with coming up with creative ways to tell somewhat technical stories in a way that is digestible for various audiences.

How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

One of my favorite things about PAN is their passion for learning and development. The agency offers a variety of trainings, from content development, measurement and pitching verticals. Not only do they offer these, but the leadership team is always happy to assist if you need help with particular tools or advice on a media pitch.

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