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PAN Employee Spotlight: New York’s Director, Matthew Pennacchio

PAN Communications

Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN

I’ve been working in PR for about 15 years. Over that time, I’ve worked on the agency side, in-house as well as a freelance consultant. Each setting has its own atmosphere and its own trajectory. However, at each I’ve learned a great deal about working with companies of all sizes and helping them to develop their stories. I came to PAN after hearing a number of great things about the team-focused environment and culture as well as its approach to business and its place within the industry. The opportunity to help build an office with a great group of people within New York was something I could not pass up.

NYC_PR employeeHow do you take advantage of PAN’s work hard, play hard mentality in New York City?

I’ve lived in and around New York City my entire life. Every time I try to leave, it always draws me back. As a PR professional, working in the media capital of the world is exactly as advertised. The media is accessible and knows how to determine what makes news. The news cycle does not stop and with the advent of social media, we all own a press badge. So being able to work hard comes with the territory and during my brief time with PAN, I’ve noticed that everyone is devoted and genuinely wants to produce great work not only for our clients but for our firm and that type of determination rubs off on everyone. Because of that, if you can’t find a way to play hard in New York City, you may as well pick up and move to somewhere a little tamer.    

What’s your favorite part of the PANhattan office or culture?

The people! The collaboration and the team-focused atmosphere is palpable. There’s always the opportunity to work together and pitch in.

matt_nyc_PANHow has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

I’ve been extremely impressed with the level of support and opportunity to grow that PAN offers its team. From the top down I’ve noticed that every door is open for advice or even the chance to bounce around an idea.

What drives you as a PR professional?

The opportunity to be creative. Finding that story that is buried beneath the speeds and feeds of data. Working in tech or financial PR, you need to be able to connect the dots and develop that story that no one else is telling and make it interesting not only for those in the know, but other audiences just learning. I’d be more than happy to tell you a story about how today’s top investment banks are leveraging high performing, Excel-based monte carlo simulations to simulate stock prices to study risk.  In the next breath, it’s even more fun to explain how major league baseball teams are doing the exact same thing to study the risk/reward for the open market of shortstops.

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