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PAN Employee Spotlight: New York's Account Executive, Megan Schmidt

PAN Communications

Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN.

Megan Schmidt_NY_AEI studied journalism and public relations at Indiana University and worked a couple of internships in consumer PR throughout my education. After graduating, I took a year and a half off to lead wilderness trips and live abroad in Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. After spending so much time in other environments, I realized how important it is for me to experience other cultures and lifestyles – which drove me to move to New York City to pursue a career in PR.

I initially started out in consumer travel, but I wanted to 1) work for clients that impact the world in a positive way, and 2) work for a company that values and respects its employees. For this reason, I started looking at some of the “Best Places to Work” lists and found PAN!

What’s your favorite part of the PANhattan office or culture?

I love working at PANhattan! The people MAKE IT for me. While I love all of the people on each of my cross-office teams, the New York office is small and has a tight-knit familial culture – we joke around, we are invested in each other’s’ lives, we have a book club, we have a weekly step challenge – all of those things make it fun!

I know that all of my PANhattan coworkers are truly invested in my mental wellbeing, and incredibly thoughtful and respectful of my needs as a colleague. It truly is like a family in this office.

How do you take advantage or PAN’s work hard, play hard mentality in New York City?

One thing that is really nice about our office is how spread out all of my colleagues are geographically. We have a crew from Brooklyn, a couple people who commute from out of state, a few people in Queens, and some people in Manhattan. It’s nice to hear from everyone what restaurants or bars they’ve been checking out in their areas and then check them out myself!

We are also great about sharing links to events with each other through our group chat and finding people to go with. A lot of us also have dogs and I love to take my dog with me to the dog-friendly bars and coffee shops in my area.

I really appreciate the volunteer day PAN gives to employees. I volunteer weekly with a local dog rescue working adoption drives, which is especially nice in the summer and it means a lot to me that PAN supports activism and giving back.

What drives you as a PR professional?

For me, the drive is being in the position to help companies and causes that I believe in be more successful in their cause. For instance, my client IDE Technologies focuses on water desalination and reuse and can truly make a difference in peoples’ lives, especially in places that suffer from water scarcity. My client SAP Ariba has a solution that allows businesses to assess whether sourcing partners are using forced labor or operating in a way that may damage the environment. Being able to work with companies that do good is incredibly inspiring for me.

Are there any PAN leaders that you look to for inspiration? If so, why?

Yes! I look up to so many leaders at PAN. In particular, my dedicated manager Alex Evans has been so instrumental in onboarding me at PAN, helping me realize and reach my own personal goals, and showing me how to be an excellent, inclusive, understanding and ultimately kickass leader. The leaders in PANhattan, and the wider agency as well, are so passionate about what they do and incredibly smart and intuitive – it’s motivating to work with them each day!

How has PAN supported your growth as a PR professional?

My favorite part about PAN is that my leaders truly takes my wants and needs into account. As I grow professionally, I want to continue to work with companies that are making a difference in our everyday lives.

The dedicated manager system at PAN is also great. I personally love receiving feedback, so I really look forward to my quarterly reviews (I wish they were more frequent!) where I get to evaluate myself through the constructive notes I receive and alter my goals or come up with new goals based on that feedback from my managers.

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