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New Arrival at PAN: Olivia Savage

PAN Communications

Olivia Savage – Senior Account Executive at the Boston Office

1. Tell us three fun facts about yourself.

  • I studied abroad in London in college. While I was there, I interned for Marks and Spencer, working in their press office. I got to help plan (and attend) events with spokespeople like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and stage the sets for lookbooks.
  • I love the fall and football season. (Go Pats!) My dad has been a season ticket holder since the 70s, so my brothers and I would probably be disowned if we weren’t fans too.
  • The New Kids live around the block; Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre live in my hometown. (Any NKOTB fans? If you’re looking for a Hollywood tour, I’m your girl). Donnie frequents my best friend’s family’s restaurant too – apparently, they serve the right stuff.

Bonus fact: I think I’m pun-ny (and I’m usually not).

2. What made you go into PR and what do you love most about it?

You can blame my mom. She’s worked in tech/B2B PR for a long, long time (she’d kill me if I told you just how long). Being the independent child that I was, I refused to do what she did. Did I know what PR was? No. Did I care? No. My mom did it and that meant I wasn’t going to. I was going to set my own path.

After deciding that I wanted to become a journalist (I know, the irony isn’t lost on me), I joined my school newspaper and anchored the school’s broadcast news program.

I wasn’t a huge fan. I wanted to craft my own story, not tell (what is supposed to be) unbiased news reports. I’d adlib during filming and try to twist the story. It made for some really good outtakes.

So, I gave PR a shot… and haven’t looked back since.

3. What made you select PAN? Initial impressions so far?

Every person who I’ve heard talk about PAN hasn’t had a single negative thing to say. From praises about the culture, the people, and most importantly, the work the company produces, it was all positive. I also previously worked with Kate, Harper and Sam and respect them so much as PR professionals and colleagues – I just knew I had to try to get involved!

To date, everyone has lived up to what I heard. Every single person on the team is so awesome and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

4. Where can we find you on the weekends?

At the beach (weather permitting). I grew up in a beach town (the ocean is just a quick walk from my parents’ house!) where tan lines and sandy feet were the norm.

If I want to be really lazy, I’ll be catching up on all my DVR’d shows.

5. Fill in the blanks – My favorite person is my dog! (Can I consider him a person?)

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