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How to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology News

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The latest news can be old news within minutes these days, especially when you work in technology. And as a person working in technology it is important to see what your industry and competitors are doing as soon as it happens. That way you can react as needed to the latest news whether it’s a new business decision or, in the case of public relations, a new trend that you can jump on for one of your clients.

There are many different sites that can get you the latest news, but the following recommendations have been some of the most helpful sites and services for a few years:

Top News Aggregators:

Techmeme – A technology news aggregator that complies and orders a list of the latest and most popular news story. This site is continually updated in real-time so that visitors to the site can always see what tech news stories are hottest at that point in time.

Google News – If you are looking for up to date news, Google has you covered. The top stories listed on this news aggregator are chosen by Google, from thousands of news publications around the world. If you are not feeling the Technology section there is plenty more to choose from, whether it’s the Top Stories of the day or if you want to look at the latest Science or Entertainment news.

Twitter – Not only is this a great way to get some of the latest news, it’s also a great way to connect and communicate with some of your industry’s greatest influencers. You can act as a passive participant and read the tweets from the publications and reporters that are most influential in your industry or you can get active and re-tweet or tweet to them.

On The Go News Tools:

Pocket – Save articles or videos from any website or app for later. You can also download material later for offline reading. Pocket is a great app where you can save all of your content in one place so that you are not losing track of that interesting or long article that you have been meaning to read.  This app is also great for when you have long trips whether for business or pleasure.

Stitcher – If you prefer to listen to your news, check out Stitcher. It’s a great app for listening to the latest stories and more in podcast form. Stitcher has content from thousands of providers including AP, CNN, BBC, NPR, TechCrunch, and more.

Everyone has their own favorites, but the sites listed above have been very useful for catching the latest snippets of news.  So what are you waiting for? Get reading today so that you don’t miss out!


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