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How Do You Answer a CMO’s Toughest Questions?

Michele Frost

Hire the Right Team.

CMOs with revenue responsibility want to know three things:

  • Will we hit our revenue target number?
  • Are we doing enough of the right things?
  • If you spend $1 today, when will you make $10? Or $20?

As integrated marketing and PR professionals, it’s our job to answer these questions. To do so, it takes the right team. That’s why we’re thrilled to add Adrienne Ritchie, Bret Kurtz and Ashley Wallace-Jones to the PAN team.

Together, with 120 strong employees at PAN, they’re fusing marketing, creative and all manners of communication channels to align and help produce revenue results for our clients.

Ashley designs always-on channel strategies and launches campaigns for events, new products and influencer programs. Bret creates interactive content, tradeshow booths, videos and whitepapers to support campaigns. While Adrienne measures results, and delivers insights that keep us on-point, moving fast and impacting programs.

The best part of my job is managing this team. Along with Jen Bonney, our creative director, please join us as we welcome Adrienne, Ashley and Bret. 2018 will be filled with data-driven, integrated campaigns built to answer the toughest questions a CMO can send our way.

For more information about PAN’s rapid momentum around integrated marketing services, check out the press release here.


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