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Here’s What We Love About Working in PAN’s San Francisco Office

Rebecca Haynes

Last week we announced the very exciting news that Vantage PR has officially been acquired and we are now one PAN brand. As a way of commemorating this milestone we decided to throw a photo contest for each office to participate in and showcase their amazing and unique locations.

Boston showed their spirit off with a fun sporty theme and Orlando got creative with some funky costumes! San Francisco (see below) ended up winning the contest by going to some classic SF landmark locations.

A big thanks to the interns for voting and to all the employees that participated!

“I love the SF office because of the people I work with! The easy commute is also a big plus!” – Carmen Armamento, Executive Assistant & Administrative Manager

“I love working in the San Francisco office because of all the amazing and nearby lunch spots that we have access to day in and day out!”- John Vernon, Business Development

“I love working in the San Francisco office because every day I get to walk to work and I’m reminded of what a great city SF really is.” Rebecca Haynes, Media & Marketing Specialist

“Every street is completely different in this city so walking to work is like traveling the world each day” – Paige Verdducci, Account Executive

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