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  • 28 Jul 2014

    Good Infographics are Music to My Eyes

    USAToday started the infographic trend, followed by The NY Times & Google. The world quickly fell in love with this new way of presenting complex data in bite-sized bits of well-designed…fun. PAN’s Creative Director, Jennifer Bonney sounds off on producing quality infographics.

  • 25 Jul 2014

    Introducing… PAN-stagram

    We have a new tradition at PAN called PAN-stagram. Every 10 days or so, we pass along the PAN Instagram account to one of our employees to document life at our agency through their eyes.

  • 25 Jul 2014

    The Mid-sized PR Firm is Just Right

    After reading an article about choosing to start a career at a boutique vs. large agency, we asked PAN’s Shelly & Kate to provide their perspective on the benefits of working at a mid-sized agency.

  • 22 Jul 2014

    Entering the “Real World” Isn’t So Bad

    If you are a recent college grad like me, you have heard the phrase “prepare for the real world” multiple times. What does that really mean?

  • 18 Jul 2014

    SEO = Some Evolving Opportunities?

    I recently read an interesting article on Mashable from Andrew Edwards at ClickZ titled “Are We Coming to the End of SEO?” As many of us in the PR world know, the SEO industry has recently experienced a lot of changes.