Consumer Directed Healthcare: The Movement Among Us

Like no other industry, healthcare is in need of change: new ideas, approaches and efficiencies that address all stakeholders needs whether care providers, payors or patients. We're proud to say that many of our clients are leading that charge and that our team is helping in the extraordinary move to consumer-directed healthcare. [...]

What Marketers Can Learn from Today’s Empowered Customer

Is the challenge of reaching brand-savvy customers keeping you up at night? What can marketers--B2B and B2C--learn from today's empowered customers? Last night senior marketers from SAP Cloud, Wayfair, Imprivata and LogMeIn joined moderator Moira Dorsey of Forrester for a discussion about The Rise of the Empowered Customer. We capture some of the highlights of the well-attended event in this post. [...]

Public Relations for the Life of Business: A PAN eBook

Some of us are entrepreneurs; we start and build businesses. We're not natural-born marketers or PR people. When does a new business or emerging growth company hire the marketing and PR expertise they need to grow? PAN's first eBook provides a guide for those struggling to get their heads around public relations, content marketing, social media, influencer relations and creative. It's good advice for the startup and its free! [...]
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